Saturday, 27 March 2010

Community Posts 6: The Rules Lawyers

An older one this time, but one I enjoyed reading.

A Cheating Debate is brewing again, I suppose, but not today.  lol

Bit concerned about the guys' lack of material after Xmas though...perhaps they're on a break?


EDITED in a link.  Goddamn slippery

EDIT2: Thanks to you cocking up my scheduling, Winterous (!!!!!) this was my 100th BlogPost here on MWFTW.  Thanks to all who have participated thus far, and thanks especially to my authors for their tireless devotion to quaility content. Zenos.  :)  Different special thanks to my regular contributors in the Comment forms, and to all my subscribers.  Thanks to all those of you who read and don't comment too - I hope you get something from the experience.  :)

Here's to another 100 posts, eh?  (Looks at the 5 unfinished ones sitting in the Drafts section...) Let's hope I don't take so long to reach that milestone, either.
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