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Gravity and falling down, do you always follow the accepted?

I read that last article with some relish TKE, so I thought in response to it that I would give another slightly more interesting view.

For the last several months, I have been play testing what I hope becomes a competitive yet thematic army for some minor torunies here in OZ. My theme, is the Space Marine Chapter known as the Lamenters, and you can find my progress here.

I have made a similiar post there, but for what its worth how often do you accept in 40k the premises that are put forward because your not thinking outside of the box?

The article you linked, I agree its a great article, but take a step back and let me show you something about Demonhunters.

Accepted wisdom tells us, that the Inq Stormtrooper is a sitting duck, a lame unit and not worthy of its points. I decided some more analysis was in order. Lets take a direct comparison of why we think they are rubbish, the IG Vetran squad. Why this? It is new, It is accepted wisdom also that the IG Vetran Squad is the most feared guard unit infantry that has ever poked its nose out of a Chimera in 5th edition... usually with plasma or meltaguns ablaze... But how does it measure up vs the old now 3rdish edition? Inq Stormtrooper Squad.

For 1XX points they are on par point for point of cost. However lets look closer. The Vetran Squad has a LD of -1 comparatively, and does not start with a 4+ Armor save. Both which the stormtrooper has for the basic points of 10 men. Now lets look at the weapons.... Well low and behold the Inq stormtrooper is again ahead with a better AP weapon and same range. Ok I hear the sniggers..... already building.... but look at the special weapons.... hold your thoughts.... if we go plasma.... although the vets can get 3.... and the stormies 2... who is paying more? Well its the vets! Well Alexious I need 3, as its BS X. Hold it again..... I can make the Inq Storm have a leader and he gets access to the wargear and all of a sudden he can have a combi weapon. This levels the playing field does it not for when it counts in that vital turn 2 rush then shoot?

Ah I see more doubters.... they point at the Chimera and say You have no idea Alexi.... your nuts. Well I sat down and thought long and hard about this and came up with the following for your consideration esteemed readers...

4 x IG Vetran Squads in Chimeras or 6 x Inq Stormtrooper units for the same price?

The IG Stormtrooper units are scoring units, your really comparing 4 multilasers and 4 heavy flamers vs 20 Stormtroopers with 5+ AP and 2 plasma guns. All of a sudden its not as bad as what you may think. The math will confound me, but not the tactics... Can any of you defeat AV12 easily enough and take a Chimera out with your current armies? If you cannot you probably have been suffering a few loss loss loss scenarios of late. But can you take out another 20 men with a 4+ armor save as quickly? If you consider that most players love the vet units now... your going to say.... yeah of course its the 20 men... but really, how long does it take to take out 20 marines? 20 IG, 20 guardians, 20 orks, it becomes a matter of admitedly what your facing. But the era of the pie plate is leaving us.... I see fewer and fewer as the months march on. Flamers.... yeah they are there for the nids! We all feel snug with them. But when was the last time a basky crossed your path? The MOO went as soon as the rules were made clear on their bombardments.... and everyone laughs off the SM commander orbital strike.... but should they be? Have we become so safe in our melta and plasma havens of strike and kill fast while mechanized.... have we become suspect to the omg he has 200 infantry coming and I have a damn Predator with lascannons.....

I don't doubt that everyone can and even I can argue that the IG Vetran unit in a Chimera is the most awesome of opponents in the rush. It crushes so much against it. But.... when you do read the above, consider the fact you have always been told its crap (Inq Stormies) and when you look at how old the rules are, apart from the humble Chimera addition as the transport.... they are not as bad as what you may think. We get constant reminders now that troop transports cannot hold objectives.... its a fact, and as the game moves toward hold that objective to win instead of wipe the board! things like another 20 troops are becoming more valuable in some games than what is and I bow to it... the most ultimately costed and point for point best transport in the game.

Food for thought... I would love to hear and see what other things you think are often overlooked that are effective, especially when nobody thinks you will take it or do it.
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