Wednesday, 31 March 2010

This week so far...

I know, I know.  No Community Post of the Day for 2 days, huh?  Well, I don't care.  lol.

Nah, I do, but I've been pretty busy, and I figured I could let it slide given the Special Editions I did last week.  As ever, I'll happily accept any emailed suggestions of contenders for the prestigious No-Prize I award with said recognition.  Hopefully I'll spot something I have to link you guys to tomorrow.  (Today - Wednesday, really...but it doesn't count until I've slept.)

Gaming - I was awful today.  I nearly scraped a draw against Chris' IG (screw you Chris! :p) despite cocking up bigtime, and playing my SM as though they were Eldar.  He fully deserved the win, even if that lone Guardsman Captain did make about 12 Cover Saves to deny me the draw.  When we get a rematch, let's not play at 1k, huh?  It gives you an unfair advantage, my dice clearly don't like that points level.  Or my deployment ability... ;)

Especially since I then went on to get virtually tabled by 1k of Daemons.  Again, luck was important (Turn 2, LoC arrives, uses Bolt, dead Rifleman.  Turn 3, Horrors arrive, Bolt, dead Rhino, LoC charges and munches other Rifleman.  Grrr!  2 Bolts, 2 dead vehicles? That's not how averages work! lol) but I didn't do enough to earn the win, and he did.  Next time I play my Marines I'd better remember Combat Tactics, and not to try and use Speeders like Dragon Serpents.  And Rhinos like Falcons.  Sigh.  Out of practice = good post game analysis.

In unrelated news, I bought Gears of War preowned, and bought Dark Void too, because it was brand new only £12.70, and a friend thinks it's a blast, if not exactly a great game.  I haven't played either, because of intermittent power cuts all night.  Fucking weather.

The only model I need for my FoB army is now a TRermie Libby...but I don't want the £12 metal one, I want to convert a plastic one.  Anyone with any ideas, please share.  Already I've considered DA hooded head for Psychic Hood, and there's a book could go on a Shoulder.  In fairness, as I think about it now, that annoys me.  The fluff clearly states that they wouldn't defile the armour by obscuring the Crux Terminatus...yet they also wouldn't obscure the Chapter Badge!

Stupid inconsistencies from GW for the sake of looking cool.  It's like the Ven Dread, where a bunch of the battles listed on those armour plates aren't in chronological order, or when Eavy Metal models have the Chapter Insignia painted on the wrong shoulder pad...
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