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Blood Angels Do Things Differently: Part Two - Deep Striking Land Raiders

This next list works on a slightly different principle to the last one.  This one is actively looking to put those AV14 bunkers in the face of the enemy, and then smash face with the stuff inside.  In order to do this, we'll be needing those Librarians again!

Librarian; w/ Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius, Infernus pistol - 115

Two of these guys - notice how flexible and ubiquitous they are...although the lists will look similar, functionally they are so different, and yet the exact same HQ is the obvious choice.  Enough bragging about how great I am to use them, moving swiftly on!

Elites.  This is where we are planning to get the real punch for the list (2k, fyi) and so we need some right beefcakes to hit hard when they arrive.  Bear in mind there's no way to balance this list.  We're looking for a tabling, or a mauling at the very least, enough that the game will be a dawdle for our scanty Troops to win.  KPs will suit this army down to a tee, although I never go in for such nonsense theories as writing a list in order to minimise the KPs it can give away - I prefer to think in terms of how many can be scored by the army per turn, when I pay them any heed at all.  This is a WAR game - the minimum you should be able to expect from each unit is a measure of killiness, and so we should be able to ignore Kill Points entirely at the List Writing stage, and work instead on the basis of the 2/3 of missions that use Objectives to determine Victory.  We are looking for a couple Land Raiders to drop in - but it's more important to get something nice to fit in them...and this shows the genius of the Codex's 'anti-cheese' mechanisms, for those of you who insist on adhering to such crackpot theories and definitions...

Assault Terminators.

Yep, that's right.  Now, in the SM book, these are clearly better, because they don't pay points for the TH/SS combo that is so feared, reviled, and loved by the Community.  BA pay a small premium for the opportunity to take 2/3 of Meltagun hits, making them a nice shift without becoming too much weaker that they are literally inconceivable.  That said, it stacks up, so we aren't going to be giving them to everyone.  Some guys will inevitably be left carrying LCs, partly to strike at I order, partly for extra A...mostly to save some points.  Now, we want 2 squads of these guys, no?  The Libbies need to be aboard, so we want the maximum capacity we can stretch to, which is afforded by Crusaders.  Okay, so then we can afford to take a unit of 7, and the Libby, and potentially another guy.  In a unit of 7, I think a 4/3 split of TH/LC is appropriate, no?

Terminator Assault Squad; w/2 extra Terminators, 4x TH/SS, LRC [Multi-Melta, Extra Armour] - 575

Ouch.  575 points for that squad...it's pretty beefy, so maybe that's okay?  Well, we'll take two of those (OUCH! Right in the wallet...) and call it good.  So, as it stands we're packing 2HQ, 2 Elites, and using up well over half our points (690 in each Raider!!!!) at 1380.  We still need a way to get those expensive bastards in accurately, too.  :(

Well, let's look at the rest of Elites, briefly.  Sang Priest, they're a must, surely? Well, FnP Terminators are just Pure Win, and it helps distinguish us from other Chapters...oh, and look at that! There's enough room for a Power Armour Marine in each Raider...wow.  Almost like I planned it or somesuch.  ;)

Sanguinary Priest; w/ Infernus Pistol - 65

Screw the Melta Bombs, TH are more effective, and reliable.  Now, taking 2 of these guys makes us use up 1510 of our points and...hang on...THERE'S a way to get them in accurately! Sternguard, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon = WIN!!  All we have to do is squeeze out another 2 Termies, Combat Squad, and we can take another, non-Dedicated LRC...Oh.  We can't.  The option isn't there...way to write balanced rulesets GW!!!! (No, seriously, well done.)  Okay, we need another way to get the requisite anti-tank Alpha Strike into the list.  It has to be Pods, to clear a LZ for the Raiders, and to Beacon them down.

So, what can we get...Dreadnoughts? Maybe...we'll come back to you.  Devastators?  No way, hose...too expensive, too fragile, too shit.  We're out of Elites and HQ (except Honour Guard, but, really, expensive much?  Crap...maybe it'll have to be them.)

Let's look at Troops, while we still have points.  There aren't any FA choices can have a Pod, after all.  (Scout Bikes do have the option for a Locator Beacon...but, let's not go there)

For 105 points, we can have a DC unit in a Pod with Beacon.  Sadly, we can only take one, can't afford AstroBoy, and they'd have ZERO chance of lasting a turn.  Tac Marines?  Well, the fact that Heavies can't shoot, and that you take Tac Marines for the Heavy Weapon (Just like ever!) pretty much excludes them.  Scouts? Can't have a Pod, pieces of shit.  DC Dread? Need DC, lameass.  Still...145 for 5 DC in a LB Pod, and 170 for a DC Dread in LB Pod.  Better than nothing, but it doesn't do a lot of anti-tank, and let you get in amongst the foe properly.  Okay, Assault Marines.  Again.

Assault Squad; w/ Meltagun, Infernus Pistol, Drop Pod [Locator Beacon] - 125

Cheaper than the DC, provides anti-tank...Scores, excellent!  Okay, two of those, call it good.  Takes our running total to (1510+250) 1760.  Ooooh.  At 1750, this army would be very okay - just drop a Pistol somewhere other than the Pod Sergs, or 1 TH/SS per squad.  Actually, leave the pistol in, either way.  Alright, onwards and upwards.  240 remains.  PROBLEM!!! What? What is it brain? You trying to tell me something?  Oh, right - we have an even number of Pods.  Well spotted.  Okay, we need another Pod somewhere.  Honour Guard? Fuck yeah.

Honour Guard; w/ 5 Meltaguns, 5 Flamers, Drop Pod [Locator Beacon] - 235

What? How do they get Flamers and Meltas? Do I have ten guys there? I fucking wish, then I'd Combat Squad like a shitting genius kettle!  Um...what I mean is, they can replace their Bolt Pistol/Boltgun with one option (Meltagun) and then their Chainsword with another option (Flamer) to give them insane utility, and incredibiletastic conversion opportunitities.  (<

They become stupidly costly, but can kill virtually anything on turn one, and yet leave you enough security in the Pod to get the 'bulk' of the army into play.  Is it great? Hell no, far from it.  5 Squads at 2k?  No thanks!  But it IS unique.  At 2500, I figure you add more Troops, namely, another 2 identikit Assault Squads.


PS - I know, I know, 48 minutes, not half an hour.  So sue me.*

* - Please don't sue me...
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