Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Community Service Announcement!

New layout-ish.  Decided the links section was just unwieldy, and far too long, so I trimmed it's ass.  Too compensate, I have added a BlogRoll element down the right, and moved the list to the left - essentially, the list down the right is the Blogs I follow, the list on the left is blogs I recommend, or other links.

Neither is truly a definitive list, the Blog Roll is limited to 25 at a time, based on most recent update, because I follow 75 Blogs, and it's stupid looking when I have them all up.  At this juncture, I'd like to note that some of you I don't follow, for whatever reason (ignorance, mostly :O) so please comment here if I should follow you.  While I won't promise anything, I'm pretty much guaranteed to add you to the list, let's be realistic here.

Also, if I've accidentally culled you from the right, or you feel you warrant a place on that list, don't hesitate to let me know, and I'll get to it.

Okay, apart from that, still to come this week: [ know what I'm like!]

BA Mechanised List - RazorSpam
BA Mechanised List - Rhinos
BA Mechanised List - Hybrid?
BA Chaos Conversion: Part One
Blood Angels Codex Review Part One
Footdar - How to Fail Less

and, very hopefully, part one of a series I hope to call 'Good Idea, Bad Idea.'

In other news, I evicted 2 of the former Blog Authors, and am, while not looking for fellow MW authors explicitly, open to applications, should they be forthcoming.  I am always interested in the views of others (how else could I know you are wrong? :p) and it can be daunting starting your own Blog, and not feeling like you have the momentum to contribute, despite thinking you have stuff to say.  Guest submissions would also be considered, if not looking for an authorship, but a place to vent, or a new audience.

Finally, any of you interested in 90's masterpiece Necromunda (any game that helped spawn GorkaMorka is a masterpiece, natch!) GWvsJohn, co-author of 3++ Is the New Black, is planning to run a campaign on Vassal.  Those of you who are interested should pop over, check the detail, etc, or just email him at for more info.  Rules for Necro can apparently be found on the GW site - I'll edit this sentence when I finally get around to downloading, and put in a link.  Anyone who wants to email me a link to a replacement V40k download would not be shopped to GW.  :)

PS - Daily Community Post is going on hiatus, until I get through all that other crap.  As a result, please check out as I told him I'd put him in the series, and that might not actually happen now.  Thanks! :D 
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