Sunday, 4 April 2010

Exciting stuff...

I've just discovered that the rather limited cadre of competitive players I play with may be in-line for some expanding...hmm.  This is good news since Mike got a job at GW and forgot what good units are, and Nick left...The interesting discovery that apparently there is an independent all-Irish Ranking system, to rank players over the course of time (akin to a CCG - ie, a PROPER system!!!) is nice...I'm going to have to learn to rive, and find a way to make money whilst quitting my job that involves working every weekend...while stile making enough money to buy a car etc.  Hmmm.

Well, I'm still going to Edinburgh, but this just gets complicateder and complicateder.  My dream of travelling the country playing with toy soldiers looks more likely and possible than ever, but financially it' say the least.  Plus, what if these guys aren't actually that competitive?  I'll have to check their lists, I suppose, and get talking to them.  Here's hoping they don't let me down! lol

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