Saturday, 24 April 2010

Fantasy 8th Release Date

Just a really quick post here -

WFB 8th Edition will be out on the 10th of July, a Saturday, as is usual.

It's well over 500 pages (apparently 528) which makes it beefier than, afaik, any other rulebook GW has ever produced (no, the Slaves to Darkness series don't count! :p)

There are sections regarding more than just the bog standard Pitched Battle that made this edition so formulaic, notably I hear tell of Landing Actions (eg, from ships) and some for of Siege Warfare - though these may be expansions, not actually in the book itself, the book will ofc lend itself towards these.

Other thingies are that GW intentionally released the three rumoured box contents:
* Orcs vs Empire
* High Elves vs Skaven
* Empire vs Vampire Counts

One of these is true.  I've read today that it will be HE/Skaven - which makes a fair bit of sense...nonetheless, O&G was the first book released last Edition, so surely they are getting a revamp sooner rather than later?

The box set will follow in the same time-frame Skull Pass and AoBR followed their respective Rulebooks.

Of course, if the rumoured end of the 'rank bonus limit' is true, O&G hardly need much update.  Night Goblins FTW!  If you are not aware of this rumour, you will have awesome infinite Rank Bonus in CC - but your front rank must be equal to or greater than the number you attempt to claim - eg, for a 100 strong block, you need a facing of 10 to get the +10.  I assume you would get the +9 if the Champ died or whatever.

This would go a long way towards making cheap Core units the future.  The Heavy Cavalry rumour (2+ Save or better preventing March moves) is fairly sure to be included.

Think that pretty much covers what I've heard.  Enjoy! :D
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