Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Blowing my own Vuvuzela...

Well, here's the update.

The army proceeds on target, barely.  It grates on me that I can't find time to even highlight the models I'm using, but I don't really have much choice.  It's 3 colours, and, while it isn't as extreme as the Toothpaste Guard Stelek once used, my guys are only going to meet that requirement and no more, frankly.  Anyway, painting infantry is dull, unless they have shapely buttocks like Fire Dragons.  Er...moving on...

The World Cup is fucking distracting.  Man, it's hard to paint while Portugal are scoring 7 fucking goals against what had looked a rather solid North Korean side...I blame them actually getting adequate food, they are used to playing for it, perhaps.  I jest.  No-one in NK gets enough food, save the higher up Party members.  Can't eat barbed wire, after all.  Oh, political humour.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the WC thus far, but that's only to be expected - as the greatest sporting event in the world, and certainly the best spectacle.  Vuvuzelas don't piss me off, I like it as it is so different, though the first game I saw I was distinctly unimpressed by them, I admit.  England, btw, are abysmal.  Seriously, seriously bad.  Not as bad as Les Implodeurs, but pretty damn close.  Fewer goals scored than Greece? Hang the heads in shame.  Even France would beat Algeria, and I can honestly see England losing to Slovenia, and the US getting the second spot in the group.

What's next...ah yes.  Despite my present difficulty with securing accommodation in the city, I plan to go to the rather lovely Edinburgh this August, again.  As last year, this is essentially then going to be a month in which I do not blog at all.  Also, I found myself somewhat burnt out, as you no doubt noticed, and (while this has almost totally abated in a frenzy of hurried army preparation) there is a distinct possibility that I will take something of a break between this weekend's hobby event (it's Doubles, so it's not a True Tournament...) and my return from the aforementioned capital of Scotland, on the 25th of August.  This means you are potentially looking at a whole 2 months without my sage words, perhaps.  Not much of a big deal, given my prior 6-month absence from the Blogosphere, but, frankly, I'm more popular than ever, and this sucks.

Obviously, I intend to present my BatReps from the games, such as they are, before disappearing into the wild blue, but be forewarned my public appearances will be fewer in that spell.  I am more likely to use Vassal, though, at that time* - but, in case of imposters, please ensure it is the real me you just beat to a bloody pulp before crowing about it on your girlishly coloured blogs, or your Definitive Daemon Discourse Containing 'blogs'.  :p  I am also much more likely to be online in a 360 kind of sense, so, if you haven't gotten around to buying Borderlands (make sure there's no GotY Edition in the pipeline, it coming with the Level Cap increasing Secret Armoury would be ideal...) feel free, inspired by my heartfelt love for the game.

People who like to stalk me, or just want more information about exactly how much more awesome than you I am, can now find out my musical taste on the website LastFM, by visiting that link**.  Really, I'm only putting that there to see if any of you do it, I don't really expect you to.  lol

So, with my aforementioned absence upcoming, I wanted to put out an opportunity.  While I have 2 other authors here at Mind War, one of those, Winterous, I haven't 'seen' for quite a while (how's things?) and he IS from 'Down Under', which sounds like a bad porno*** while the other has a blog of his own to maintain, as well as his series of very enjoyable IG articles here.  To cut a long story short [I lost my mind] I am looking for new authors here at mind War, to carry the burden of retaining and expanding my readership for the next two months.  Obviously, I'm not turfing you off when that time ends (unless you seriously screw up...) but that's when I predict my triumphant return {to glorious fanfare, and much acclaim} and you get lost in the wilderness.  :p

I was going to ask you, BroLo, but then you were snapped up by my arch nemesis, Kirby, so I had to cry into my Vodka in the KingCave that evening.  Or something...but I have no beef with sharing authors, though obviously there's a lot of overlap in the readership.  Not that I'll be around much to moderate people just copy/pasting articles...

Anyway, yeah, if interested drop me a line, there are, as ever, many ways to get in touch, including the comments field below.

Hope things in your lives are all going swimmingly.****


* - Vassal, after all, requires little in the way of painting.  Ah, that will be a nice relief.

** - Yes, I like Glee.  I think it's one of the best shows I've seen in a while, well written, well acted, and Sue Sylvester is a character I have been unfavourably compared to more than enough times that I had to see exactly what manner of beast she is.  Turns out, not the least accurate, and not really that bad a thing.  lol
Plus, Rachel is kinda hot, isn't she?*****

*** - As opposed to those good, thought-provoking ones...

**** - Sometimes, I just wish I had a catchphrase.  Expect to see me use a few more, to get it out of my system.

***** - No, just me? Oh, okay.  I do tend to go for slightly higher-maintenance girls than perhaps the average.  With some notable exceptions.  I'm afraid this comment will come back to bite me in the ass.  Hopefully not, it's clearly for humour.  Hrmm.  Let's see...
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