Thursday, 18 November 2010

Games Workshop, we love you.

Have you guys seen the new FAQs?  I just finished reading the new Rulebook one..ZOMG to the MAX!

No, really...the vast majority of things are self-evident to pretty much anybody, and are merely clarifications (units that cannot arrive from Reserve are destroyed, BOTH players must be 12" from the middle in Pitched Battle and Spearhead deployments, etc etc)

These aren't the REAL 'oh wow' of the article.  No, the real, HUGE ramification of this FAQ is something that, quite frankly, I've said for a long time.  Something that I got told was clearly incorrect and mustn't be the rule, because 'no-one plays that way'.

I refer, of course, to the question about one member of a unit having the Stealth USR, and the answer, that this is then conferred upon the unit entire.

To my mind, this is clear.  There is no ambiguity - the way in which the rule is worded seems incredibly explicit to me. In fact, it is also the 'fluffier' answer - would you really expect me to believe that Sergeant Telion's 'Voice of Experience' wouldn't carry with it the ability to tell his fellow Scouts (his charges! The FUTURE of the Chapter!!!) to duck, occasionally?!?!?!

Get real.

Well done GW for showing that you still care enough about the game to update the BRB, well done GW for no real screw ups (you misspelt 'manner', typing 'manor' instead, lol) and WELL DONE GW for contradicting retarded Internet opinion.  In your craw 'experts'.

As ever, the GW website has the FAQs and Erratas, with this specific one being:
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