Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Looking Forward...(Ultramarines Movie Review?)

This is NOT a review.  Just curious as to whether or not GW is still spamming.  lol
I haven't seen it yet, mostly because I won't pay or watch a crappy online copy. They have earned the right to be seen on DVD, just not mine.

There are a couple articles I have planned, but sadly I may be incommunicado for a couple days/a week/a couple weeks while I get Internets sorted for new digs.  Heh.  Digs.  Like I was a Diglett.  [TheKingElessar used Dig! TheKingElessar dug a hole.  No_Education_In_Mississippi used Scratch! No_Education_In_Mississippi's attack missed! TheKingElessar used Dig! ... No_Education_In_Mississippi fainted.

....enemy Moron was defeated.

Blogosphere gained $314.]


One of the articles planned is a response to a post bafflingly caught in the spam filter I only just discovered (er...thanks{?} Google...) - but that requires further rebuttal, as the person who typed it clearly needs edumacation.

I have an article on moving large quantities of models, because that's what I done, innit?  I took some pics, and we can have a brief look at some of my collection.

I have an article planned on the validity of using Combi-Weapons, because SOME people seem to think them more useful than they truly are...:p

I also haven't forgotten 'The Basics' and 'Reports From The Front Lines' ...or 'TKE's GoT' or even 'Drugs are Bad', but...well, real life is in the way atm.  And not even the way I'd like...Oh well.  lol

I have some minor cosmetic changes to make, replacing the links down the left with another blogroll and splitting the one I have - I don't see enough of you on the pages, partly because of times I visit my own blog vs times you post, and partly because CERTAIN pink and blue blogs are prolific enough that they submerge others.  I am adding Bell of Lost Souls to the Blogroll - they have recently had a marked improvement in quality, IMO.  I'm not prepared to sound sycophantic and say it's since Brent became an author, not least because that isn't Strictly true.  They were still crap for a wee while.  ;)

Anyone else who should be on my blogroll but isn't, or who would like to join it (it's free advertising, why the hell not?) please comment or email me directly.  I'm not very interested in vetting, I get bored and lose interest, so most things could slip by me.  lol

Also, if my other authors could step up to at least an article every 4 days (or part thereof...) while I'm away I'd be eternally grateful? :)

That includes you, BroLo.  Tbh I'd settle for one from you, what with it being unexpected.  :p  lol

Um....I think that covers all I wanted to say today.
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