Monday, 30 May 2011

So, anyway, I missed the milestone of 300 posts...

By being actually realise when I hit it.  I'm pretty disappointed in that, to be honest, I wanted fanfare, and balloons...ah well.  Maybe at 500...

(At this point, everyone's favourite Pink Despot is thinking that he gets that many done in a week, why would I celebrate?)

Speaking of said Despot, I really must get on and write him another article.

Though, I'm clearly not being too prolific on my own behalf.  lol

Lately I have been mostly playing with a hodge-podge Blood Angel army made out of various bits and pieces from my other MEQ's a good reason to get the dust off the old Zerks and give them some playtime.  No, that wasn't a euphemism.

The list has gone through many slightly different incarnations, but I'm finally approaching something like a finalised product, one I'd be happy to build, albeit I'm not so certain I would like to buy it, at today's prices.

No, no, I haven't joined the 'World is Ending' brigade of losers and ne'er-do-wells, but my current living arrangements (expensive) and other outgoings (several) have backed me into a very unpleasant corner of essentially no new 40k purchases for a bit.  My Dark Elf army is on another indefinite hiatus, but hopefully it will actually get fielded at some point in this Edition. : /

Even my eBay purchasing has slackened lately (read: stopped) due to the very real need to purchase stupid things like food and electricity.  Oh, and alcohol.  Not that I'm in a position I couldn't splash out for some tasty bargains, it's more choice to be truthful.  I have a LOT of unbuilt models lying around already, and I should really get on and work on those before I spend my hard-earned (heh, yeah right!) cluttering up the place.

Could do with some inspiration on that front, so if you guys would be so kind as to tell what things you're working on, and so forth, perhaps I will grow a thin coating of Zinc!*


* - I.E, become galvanised.  Keep up! :p
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