Thursday, 17 November 2011

Eldar Codex Project: Warlocks, Bonesingers and the Vyper Jetbike


It's been a very long time in coming, but here is the promised Warlock and Bonesinger entries. As you've all waited so long, I am also throwing on the Vyper Jetbike, as it was very easy to update as I saw fit.

Lets start with the Warlocks entry:


Just take a read and I'll see you after the jump....

Well, after you've finished raging/salivating/crying let me explain the choices behind the unit. I wanted the Warlocks to become the backbone of the Eldar army, in the same fashion that people have to sacrifice an Elites slot for Wolf Guard to lead their other squads. The huge variety of psychic powers needed introducing due to the high reliance of the Eldar on psykers - something that I didn't feel was present in the current codex incarnation.

Due to the long period of time I spent contemplating this unit, I want to see what you guys think of it.... any feedback would be fantastic - considering the importance of the unit to 'Widthdar'. It was difficult to price them - they aren't as good as TH/SS termies, but they have a good deal more utility than before - I opted for the compromise of 35ppm - not as expensive as TH/SS, but high enough to warrant their utility.

I am quite proud of the way the Warlock Alpha rules have turned out, it was a labour of love to get them finished on time.

Next up, the Bonesinger!

See, I got this guy on eBay for a high sum and I have always wanted to use him. He is a great sculpt, even if he lacks any official sets of rules. Sure I could run him as a Farseer proxy, but the fact he's wielding an Isithra Kasra rather than a witchblade meant that I was encountering problems when I played with him. People went 'What's he...?' and people were crying 'He's not Wizzgig!' when I explained who he was representing.
Then, I tried using some of the 'Bonesinger' rules scattered across the internet, but people didn't like it even remotely. Admittedly, some people do vomit across the internet when they feel like making a creative contribution - and the rules I tried were evidently of this sort.
After reading The Path of The Seer and replaying Dawn of War, which did a bit more to stimulate my own rules interpretation, I came up with the following:

Bonesinger Alpha Rules

....Back now?

Yeah, they're Eldar techmarines giving the tanks something like fortitude.... like them? *hopes*

I was a little conflicted about making their 'bonesinger powers' psychic or not, but by making them un-psychic it means they roughly equate to the abilities of a techmarine. The 'offensive' power is nasty yes, but it barely equates to the abilities of a Grey Knights techmarine's grenades - stripping toughness down etc equates to dirty, dirty play in my book ;).

Finally, as a little extra, the start of Fast Attack - something that *should* make some people happy, the 'new' vyper jetbike rules.

In case you forgot what they looked like, here you go:


This was a very easy fix, merely decreasing the cost of weapons and bringing them more into line with current alpha-version ruleset. I did make a couple of slight changes to the jetbike, but you'll have to read the rules to find out what they are... :)

Vyper Alpha

If you have any suggestions, hit me up and I'll be happy to read and alter accordingly.... Next time, The Falcon, The Fire Prism and Nightspinnerrrrr (yeah, the Vyper is a one-off from FA for the time being... ;).)
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