Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Looks like WarpCon is out this year :(

As much as I'd love to go, currently struggling on two counts:
1) the trip certainly wasn't cheap last year, and that was without drinking with the leds, something I'd much prefer to add to the experience this time if possible.
2) My Blood Angels (of Blood) aren't going to be painted.  No chance in hell.  Haven't got all the requisite sponson and turret weaponry even, or the Razorbacks to put my infantry in, or all the Land Speeders I need...
My army could be 100% built in time, no question.  Painted though, even to just 3 colours, seems very unlikely indeed.  While I'm not a good painter by any stretch of the imagination, I'm a perfectionist one, and can't simply glob dabs on to fulfill the minimum standard when I'm taking the army on a 1000-mile round trip or however far it is.

It's a damn shame, cos I wanted to go, but accepting defeat early means everyone will get over the disappointment so much sooner.  Ho hum.
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