Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Know When You Have An Idea That Will Cost Several Monies But Would Be Great?


Sigh, sigh, sigh.

As I mentioned, I have a bunch of White Dwarf issues to atticise, including some as old as to be double figures, not even triple, and a bunch of 'Best of White Dwarf Articles' or 'Best of White Dwarf Scenarios' - ancient tomes the like of which is not seen today.

Among this pile of stuff was, strangely, my GorkaMorka Da Uvver Book, and, more importantly, the 2e Wargear Book and Codex Imperialis.  Hence the sigh.

In many ways these books are fonts of awesome, but the real tragedy is how they've fired my neurons and caused an emotionally charged response... You may have gathered, perhaps from the picture adorning the previous post, that I love the Forge World 'old school' resin stuff - the Rogue Trader-esque conversion kits, like the Predator, Rhino, Land Raider Proteus, weapon sprues, etc etc etc.

Well, the thing is.

How awesome would it be to have an entire army of these models, harking back to 2e when I started the game?  Answer = very.

And what better army than Blood Angels, both the poster boys of 2e (battle for Armaggeddon Scenarios, anyone?) and my very first army?  Answer = none.

...Except...I already HAVE my Blood Angel army planned and mostly bought, with over half built. :(

Can I really afford to have two of the same army?  Especially when one's half resin and thus costs more?  Almost certainly not.  Cruel, cruel world.
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