Thursday, 16 April 2009

Exciting Idea!

Just had a brilliant idea for a 40k campaign, featuring probably 4 players.

A Tau player

An Imperial Player

An Ork player (ork1)

And another Ork player (ork2)

Essentially, ork1 starts out as an ally of the Tau (bribed by dakka) but doesn't know the guns are booby trapped. The Tau can't use Kroot, obviously, so get orks instead. Ork forces are controlled by a different player, but the Tau player can try to get them to follow the plan. Tau invade an imperial sector, imperials want to break orks off from Tau to stop tau advance, strike force, either some sternies or other elites, OR a single Vindicare tries to find evidence of booby trapped dakka/blow it up. Ork2 jealous, wants hired, tries to prove worth by stopping strike force. Ork2 possibly hired by imperials instead - lots of unique funness and odd weaponry with a lovely barter system (join our side and you get a baneblade!) All I need now is details!

Full info will be available on Heresy-Online when complete, probably on here too, and likely other 40k forums...:D
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