Sunday, 7 June 2009

Space Marines have a problem...and it's spelt AV12...

Okay, for obvious reasons, the ML has become the weapon of choice for SM Tactical squads since the new codex came out. There are variations, I personally prefer a Multi-melta, and some players, such as our very own Someguy, prefer occasional Plasma Cannons for the anti-TEQ fire. However, I think the new IG Codex has put a Mars-forged spanner in the works.

Simply put, the ML has the capacity to deal with nearly everything the SMs face. From the safety of their AV11 bunkers, they can send a S8 rocket into Wave Serpents, Dreadnoughts, Carnifexes, Bikes, other AV11 bunkers...or a S4 blast into hordes. All well and good. (For those of you doubting my sense at this stage, given that Wave Serpents also have AV12, read the Energy Field rule.)

Obliterators have been a small issue, but they're one easily solved by other things in the army, sheer weight of fire, or, of course, the ubiquitous MM, once again. MMs cover most of the bases the ML struggles with - specifically, SoulGrinders, Land Raiders, Hive Tyrants, and Oblits. They also have increased effect against other vehicles (except, again, the Wave Serpent!) The only problem with the MM is the comparatively short range. Generally, I contest that this isn't an issue - boards are usually only 4' deep, and you and your opponent usually deploy 12" in...if the opponent, or you, advance at all, you should be in range. If your deployed badly, and facing a block of infantry...well, that's your fault, and you still have two things in your favour:
1) Mobility. You're in a Rhino, so move.
2) Bolters. They can fire out the top hatch too.

This issue become cloudier now however. I've read, and written, a number of IG lists since the new Codex came out. I've been typically vocal about my ideas as to what exactly constitutes a good IG army, although, for those of you who haven't encountered it (how?!?) this is my latest offering, and a good example of what I expect to see finish very highly at the GT - I expect pure AirCav to win.

Statistically, the Chimera and Valkyrie don't pose any additional threat - AV12 still gives a Krak a 50% chance of shaken+. Not huge, but not bad. It still offers the necessary flexibility against Orks etc, and we all know how few points it costs.() The problem, is that you aren't going to be inside the Rhino very long. You need your first volley to count, because against Alpha Strike lists, it may be your last as well. They have more melta than a Salamander Company, and more mobility than Usain Bolt on coke. For this reason, I bring to your attention, once again, the potential answer to the Guard Dilemma...the one, the only, Lascannon.

I know, I know, you're thinking this is a 4th Ed hangover. It's really not. I took something of a hiatus from the game when 4th came out - other things in my life were more important at the time (not that I have nothing else in my life...I'm just digging a hole here huh?) and as a result I didn't play it very often (only one tournament, and that was with the current Ork Codex. 2/0/1 if you're interested, losing to BTs - and that was entirely my own fault.)

As a result, I don't get hung up on how awesome Las/Plas squads were. I understand it, but never used them, and would've found it slightly distasteful anyway, since I do like the fluff. I don't get hung up on it. If anything, I'm more hung up on 2nd, simply because I miss the stupidly huge number of weapons. But I digress. Lascannons have better odds against Chimeras and Valks. Equal against Serpents, and eliminate most of the requirement for Melta in the heavy format. They also have a chance against Monoliths...although everyone knows not to shoot them, right?

Okay, there's my thought, now - opinions please!
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