Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Saving highlight time on Eldar vehicles/MCs

Badab Black is your friend.

After you spray a model with Black Spray, obviously, go over with a light Chaos Black coat, to even out the surface, and help paint stick better to it. (Note, that spraying in bright sunlight, while not recommended isn't all bad. If you merely dry the models in direct sunlight then the coat is more even, and has a more matt finish, always a plus!)

After the Chaos Black coat, a coat of Badab Black is the next step. Bear in mind, this is best on models that are going to stay black, such as Ulthwe Eldar vehicles. This will help you no end, by helping you see where highlights should go, and, more importantly, naturally highlighting the model better from natural/artificial light sources. It allows you to skip straight to extreme highlights, not wasting time - but saving a ton.

I should really point out that I play Ulthwe, right? :)

For those of you who are a little skeptical about how much this really has an impact, compare the following to a model only sprayed:
Fire Prism lines done front

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