Sunday, 28 June 2009

Transformers 2

Very very strange feeling ,watching this film. It was an enjoyable 2h 40m. It really was, it passed phenomenally quickly, and the action scenes were insanely cool.

But it was certainly not a good film.

Michael Bay's direction, while bringing action scenes to life, despite featuring 20 foot robot cars :P, is still atrocious when it comes to non-violent scenes.

The script, such as it was, was eminently predictable, and faintly ridiculous - Optimus Prime =/= Boromir.

The continuity errors were hilarious (really, changing your bra in the desert mid-fight?) as were a number of the lines - mostly intentionally.

The ending was dimly annoying - Emperor Palatine...I mean, The Fallen, being beaten in, what 40 seconds of fight scene? It felt very much rushed, trying desperately to keep the film under 3 hours.

I heartily recommend this film, just don't expect to leave feeling thoughts in your brain stem. :)
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