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DrummerHolt, Eldar advice!

Hey I was wondering if you could help me with my Eldar list that I am working on. You seem to be one of the more knowledgeable Eldar players on here.
So here is what I my idea as the basic for the list:
Runes of Warding, Spirit Stones, Jetbike, Doom, Fortune
Warlocks x7Jetbikes, Embolden, Enhance, x2 Destructors, x2 Singing Spears
2. Farseer
Spirit Stones, Guide, Fortune


1. Jetbike Squadronx6 Guard.
Jetbike, 2 w/ Shrunken Cannons
Warlock w/ Embolden, Singing Spears

2. Jetbike Squadronx3 Guard.
Jetbike, 1 w/ Shrunken Cannons
Warlock w/ Embolden, Singing Spears

3. Pathfinder x6

Heavy Support

1. Fire Prism

2. Fire Prism

3. Fire Prism w/ Star Engines

Thanks in advance!
And one more question... are you the same Elessar that comments on YTTH?

A good start. I've only played with JB list once, at 1500 against Orks. FYI, somkehow we both forgot that the min objectives for Seize Ground was 3, and played 2 (Epic Brain Fail, mostly by me, but he should really have picked up on it, I was clearly not fully alert at this stage.) - in the end he won, as I cocked up and placed my GJB unit 11" from a mobile Killa Kan, allowing him to contest, and he rolled a 6 for DifT on the other flank to prevent me Contesting his (the Kan contested mine) - The game was marred by his understanding some rules...differently...(I think we both know I'm the more Lawyerish, and was therefore right ;) ) and he got his 5th Turn while I did not, whereas in a Tourny, I wouldn't have allowed him to have a 5th if there was no time for me. ;) - He went first, obvs.
Shrunken Cannons is, I hope, an intersting typo. Otherwise, I sense a funny story, lol.
I am, of course, the Last Of the Dunedain, the One True King. So, uh, yeah, that's me on YTTH. You can also find me, as you know, on Dakka and Heresy. I have BaC, Warseer, Astronomicon, ATT, and BoLS Lounge accounts, although I suspect I'll be banned from the latter by the time this is published - if you're going to be a dick and remove my advertisement for my Blog from my signature, expect me to be a dick back. Morons.

Anyway, I've just done an in-depth look at Eldar for Mathew Wong, and a good deal of what I said to him applies to all lists. I therefore reference myself - with the following additionata.

A Singing Spear on a GJB Squad looks great, but I'm not convinced. If he's Embolden,l you'll probably only shoot the Cannon at targets the Spear can really damage. If you've Destructor, you'll probably only shoot the Cannnos at targets the Spear can hurt ;) ! - Basically, don't think of them as a-T, but a-I, which makes the Spear superfluous.

Embolden is vital for few Troops, especially ones it's so difficult to block LOS to, and whom form the bulk of your frontline units.

2 Farseers is great - but expensive. Not sure this is the best route either.

Note - this may seem altogether less Nerd Raaage than Mathew wong's review - this is because I did his first, and have now gotten most of it out of my system, I'm also a lot more tired, perhaps even drained. Things I call Fail are no less fail, just because I can't be bothered. :)

As I said in his (I may Copy/Paste that bit...) Destructor is a great option, but Doom vs Mind War is an interesting debate.

Aaaanyway, drop Doom. Replacing the 2nd Seer gives you a full size Council, which is better. Alternatively, split it into 2.
So, Saim-Hann (pronounced Sam-Hine, for those of you who remain ignorant of this fact :P) inspired list @1500, coming up!


Eldar Jetbike, Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, Spirit Stones, Fortune, Mind War, Ghosthelm, Runes of Witnessing, Runes of Warding, Rune Armour. - 180

10 Warlocks:
Eldar JetBike, WitchBlade, Shuriken Pistol, 1x Embolden, 1x Enhance, 7x Destructor. -540


6 Guardian JetBikes:2 Shuriken Cannons. - 152
6 Guardian JetBikes:2 Shuriken Cannons. - 152
6 Guardian JetBikes:2 Shuriken Cannons. - 152


Faolchu:Bright Lance, Shuriken Cannon, Pulse Laser - 155
Faolchu:Bright Lance, Shuriken Cannon, Pulse Laser - 155

Falcons add some desperately necessary long-range anti-tank. A-I you're okay. No Dragons means the Council have to take out the trash themselves. At 1500, this list is uncompetitive, yet I can't really see much that I can fix. Going down to 2 Troops, por smaller ones, frees up points, after dropping Falcons, for a second, undersized, Council.

Not Competitive, but okay. Sorry. Maybe I'll come up with better, but the lack of Fire Dragons is cringe-worthy. :)
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