Friday, 21 August 2009

Rangers: A brief overview.


Basic = Somewhat better than average ability to put the hurt on MCs. Some chance at killing heavily armoured Infantry, and PMEQs. Small chance of Pinning on the 8% of units vulnerable to such things. Barely significant chance of getting through AV11. Carry pistols for that rare assault on Gretchin. Infiltrate, MTC, and Scout, so Outflanking is an option, albeit a crap one.
Pathfinders = Much improved survivability in cover, chance of hurting any target, even Tanks, although maximum pen roll of 12 does not increase, chance of AP1 does, and, as we all know, AP1 is the only way to reliably hurt a vehicle significantly. If you’re taking a unit above 6 guys, vital, otherwise save the points for something else, unless you have a GDSeer nearby to dramatically increase effectiveness. If you do, of course, then you aren’t infiltrating, so consider War Walkers instead.
NOTE : Just about acceptable in a Mech list, due to their ability to Inf, Scout, and hold objectives, something a highly mobile army sometimes struggles with." (Another CGTTE excerpt)

Overall, in a Mech army Pathfinders act more often than not as an expensive speedbump. Against certain lists (Lash Princes) they can do a lot of good, before getting raped in CC or by a Flamer, but against many enemies the simple torrent of a-i fire they can expect is enough to break them, and render them useless. Overall, they're too complicated a unit to use to recommend to a new player's Mech list, because new players are invariably concerned with keeping their Troops alive more than they are destroying the enemy's Troops, and other serous threats. Of course, Infiltrating is really the best answer to well played AirCav, meaning if you're likely to face them, take these guys, just use as Rangers.

Units of ten will generally get the job done best, but then are a horrible sink when they die, which they inevitably will. As a result, somewhere around 8 is more cost effective. Always deploy in cover, even if that means in your deployment zone.
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