Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Hi, this is TKE's Take My Word For It, the place I reveal upcoming info/unsubstantiated rumours. Why are they unsubstantiated? Because I never reveal my sources, dumbass! ;)

Suffice it to say, you'll just have to TMWFI - but as far as I know, everything I 'release' in these posts is truth, and is what I'm taking into consideration with regards to future advice etc.

The Dark Eldar Codex was finished, sent out to playtesters, and Regional Managers, and rejected, as simply not being powerful enough. I'd have been of the opinion the whole army using a super-Ambush method of Deployment, and having the capacity to squeeze 3 Agonisors and 3 Flamer-type weapons (Destructors?) per 12-man squad would've been plenty. Especially given even befroe the in-progress revamp JetLock armies had "literally no chance" against them...ho-hum. A DEldar list that auto-rapes Eldar? Nasty. Especially since the source also rates Eldar as the highest of the existing Codicies. In fairness, I don't quite agree with that assessment - and the guy ceratinly agrees with my FoC Saturation theory regarding Phil Kelly's writing. ;)

Next, Tyranids in March? New Gaunts box that reduces them to 10-per? Swarm armies stupidly over-powered, just like NidZilla was last time? Tyranids to actually get a reasonable answer to Mech lists? Well, I've been telling you for months that NidZilla is dead, and when the more detailed info for this Codex starts trickling into your brainboxes, you'll agree.

If you don't agree...L2P. Seriously. ;)

Necrons: Everyone's favourite Terminator look-alikes. Well, the Dex was pretty much done, but they were a bit overpriced. 23 points a Necron Warrior? No way. Fortunately, this has been corrected to most people's satisfaction. Dex pretty much in final stages/already done. I have some more detailed info, but it's a lot more fun for me to wait for the rumour threads to start popping up, and then to debunk things I know aren't true. Suffice it to say, given the relative amount I like Heresy compared to other sites, they'll get stuff first, and more. Anyone who copy/pastes my info, please accredit it accordingly.

To summarise then:

Oder release then: Space Wolves, Tyranids, Necrons, then Dark Eldar who have to wait until 2011, BUT they WILL be out. :)

Look out for the next one in this series, in which I discuss changes to the basic rules mechanics being playtested in the Studio, and pick holes. ;)


islyfe said...

2011, damn that ridiculously horrible.

The_King_Elessar said...

Sorry... :(

However, it's going to be a fucking good codex. With actual FLUFF!

GMSN said...

Dark Eldar=Duke Nukem Forever

Thomas said...

@nids losing Nidzilla, Still feel that way? After the announcement that they carnifex are now bought in Fex's squads? I don't see it happen especially not with the codex author look at the guard book it can be A very lethal swarm army or a very lethal Tank force. Good news for every one, gone it seems are the days of One way to play armies

ArchonCryx said...

2 Codexes completed but not released?


I sure hope you're confidence isn't misplaced... Particulary for Dark Eldar - it's sad but Ive been hooked on this army since it was released (no matter what I do the spikes tenaciously adhere to my flesh, or something)

DO you have any confirmation regarding Jes Goodwin sculpting new minis?

Hmmm, I see Tyrqanids are arriving in January, I hope that means you were pessimistic for all the release dates, and thus some genuine hope of a DE Codedx in about 18months.... hmmm, I've been in this position before...

How can they go to the trouble of getting to playtest stage and then just junk the bl00dy lot? darned grumble...

At least for now, the DE boat armies work extremely well, so at least we're nicely competitive...

Thank you


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