Sunday, 2 August 2009

Screw it, I'll be honest, and say what we're all thinking.

How the fuck did those shitty-ass list win Balls-Con?

Fucking Comp scores.
Fucking Sportsmanship/Modelling/painting trying to determine who the best PLAYER is. Not HOBBYIST, PLAYER.

Skill is not subjective, people, there's a clearly defined way to determine it. Painting and friendliness are ENTIRELY subjective, and it is therefore an Epic Fail way to determine...well, anything.

Fucking Fail.

Wish I was surprised.

When the Top Three fucking Generalship scores go to players that aren't in the top Two overall, that's fail.

When Nids place at all, that's Fail.

When Shitty-ass MegaBattleforce lists of ANY variety, (it's not because it's Orks, it's because it's shit) place, that's Epic Fail.

When a guy needs to go on the Fucking BoLS Lounge after the event to clarify whether or not his Hydra has a fucking Quad-Linked (WTF. Seriously, moron, QUAD-FUCKING-LINKED?!?!?!) Autocannon, because it came up at the event, and his Rules Fail was so complete he didn't already fucking know, or have the ability to READ?!?!

Yeah, that's Fail all right.

Roll on YTTHCon 2010.

Heresy, Dakka, Warseer, I'm looking at you fuckers to set up some shit too, it cannot possibly be worse than Balls-Con.

Actually, I don't really expect you to. It's a huge undertaking, one far more conducive to a Blog than a Forum. Fuckers wasn't meant offensively at you either. ;)

EDIT: This article on Blood Of Kittens is interesting.
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