Sunday, 6 September 2009

3rd Place announcement!

Congratulations to Josh for his entry, the Necron list!

Highly appropriate to feature Necrons in the Top Three, given the prize, only sorry you don't get one. :(

Congrats anyway, and better luck next time around! :)

Commiserations also to the following:

Endre Enyedy's Necron list,
Fritz's Chaos Space Marines with Spawn Swarm
theHod' Space Marine battleforce
Raptor1313's Tau Battleforce
Tim Lang's SM Battleforce (popular,eh?)
Sandwyrm's IG FailForce
It's Pug's SM
and finally,
Brent's Dark Eldar battleforce.

Well, only the winner to be decided then...another poll for that bad boy, later today.
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