Sunday, 20 September 2009

Setting up a Space Wolves FAQ...

Any questions?



I'm going to do my own, rather than wait 6 months + for GW, or rely on dubious quality from other people. Obviously, I'm going to use my FAQ, but while I don't expect you to necessarily use it, anyone is welcome to do so. Finally, I intend to provide two answers to each question, where applicable - a Strict RaW answer, and a Common Sense answer...if they don't clash, only one will be presented, but quite often they know GW. ;)

You can submit in the usual ways;
PM me on Heresy/Dakka/BoLS Lounge/Rules Lawyers Forum (I don't check ATT, Ammo Bunker, Astro or Warseer enough, tbh.)
Email me:
Post here.
Pigeon post.

Thanks for your contributions guys!
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