Saturday, 19 September 2009

A quick email response...

"Hello King,

I've been digging through your blog recently (ever since YTTH linked to it). Good stuff.

I actually have a question about grav tank assembly.

Glue the flying bases on, or leave them detachable? I can see benefits for both, but I figured I'd ask someone who gives his tanks a lot of wear and tear.

Thanks in advance,

I never glue mine in, for three main reasons;

1) Storage. I transport mine 2 in a tray in GW cases (ease of purchase winning out over perhaps better quality products I'm afraid) as you can sort of see in this picture...Eldar

2) Wrecked/Immob'd results. While you can of course adequately rep these without risking your paintjob, until I can be bothered to create scenic destroyed Grav Tanks on bases (which I will, eventually, do) it just works better this way - ease again winning, and, when you can lose up to 9 of the damn things in a game, if the dice hate you that day, it's just more practical.

3) Different heights. I carry a selection of Flying Stands for my various vehicles, approximately 50% more than I will need. Sometimes, I might want that Cover Save I get being the exact height of a Wave Serpent parked in front of me, while the Prism Cannon shoots over it's hull.Sometimes I want to be higher, so the Avengers or Dragons can shoot underneath. Flexibility rules.

Hope that helps! :)
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