Saturday, 19 September 2009

Two requests...

Anyone have the old 2nd Ed Eldar Guardian Weapon sprue, circa 1991? It had a bunch of CCWs, including chainswords and a Power Fist? I am especially looking for meltaguns from said sprue (or it's compadres) and flamers, but would happily reimburse for any of the items from the sprues, or indeed complete versions especially.

PLAEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop calling the rules "The New Rules", or saying things like "Now you can" in relation to them. Same goes for Codexes. Things are new for MAYBE 6 months after release, not after that. it isn't the "New Space Marine Codex" it's just the Space Marine Codex. The old ones, none of them matter. Not a bit. (Says the guy who collects 2nd Ed Codexes for fun...)

Just stoppit, k?
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