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Wolves FAQ

Essentially, this is an uncut, Designers Notes-style post from me. Apologies for the mess...I WILL tidy it up eventually.

KPs and Wolf Guard -

The models physically leave the unit, becoming members of the unit they join - the WG models are still Elites if the rest of the squad is killed, however. They count as a KP when they + unit die, not ever otherwise. Only one KP for all of them. Examples:

3WG, one doesn't join a squad, 1 joins BCs, one into GH. Ghs+WG=1KP. BCs+WG = 1KP. Lonely WG = 1KP.

With Logan, they MUST be Troops, so ALWAYS Score, if the last model in the unit. If the unit survives (eg, One Stormclaw + Wolf Guard at end of game) they don't score, as Stormclaw is FA. If SC dies, WG Scores. See KP above.

Fleeing SW units become Fearless thanks to Logan? No, ICs can never join a Fleeing Unit.

Ulrik's Mentor ability: Yes, Dreadnoughts. Any model with a WS characterisitic, but is not Unique. In the army =/= Space wolf, mr GKT, or SoB.

Chooser of the Slain: Smaller than the Rune Priest = lesser height, and no larger base.

Psychic Shooting Attacks count.

Daemon models = Models chosen from Codex:Daemons with the Daemon Rule, excluding Soulgrinders. Also includes Possessed, Chaos Spawn, CSM Daemons (both), Avatars, adn anything elsel labelled a Daemon in a unit description.

Thunderclap = not over models, but centred on open ground = ok.
Living Lightning = roll after pshychic Test.
Storm Caller = Until the beginning of the Space Wolves' next turn.
If he dies, the power doesn't cease to have any effect.
Tempest's Wrath: See Storm Caller.
Fury otWS: Either. Both = 1 Morale Check.
Jaws: Yarrick, WBB? No. Don't be stupid. Model = model, not unit. No Allocation step, literally allows sniping. Walkers and Artillery are indeed immune.

Acute Sense, Counter-Attack: See the USRs of the same name.

ERRATA: Page 24, last sentence of ATSKNF, replace Space Marine with Space Wolf.

CLARIFICATION: Charge = Assault.

Headstrong: Measure at the start of the Shooting Phase. Note this means you may not declare a Shooting or Run action to attempt to bypass the rule. Chasing Cars is a good song, but not a good idea. Bad Dog. Bear in mind LOS is NOT required. Acute Senses etc.

Behind Enemy Lines: Player's Left/Right - this refers to the table as looked at from behind your deployment zone, facing the opponent. You may not walk around the table, or turn around, in order to gain from this rule. You dick.

Long Fangs: No, you can't shoot a Transport's Cargo with half the squad. Learn to Read Rules.

Pack of One: This rule should read: Other Space Wolves recognise the right of their brothers to seek a glorious end ot their saga upon the battlefield. Each lone Wolf is a lone-man unit that can never be joined by an Independant Character. Note, as they are not Independant Characters either, they may not join units.

Fang of Morkai: This refers to any unit joined by the Wolf Priest.
Oath of War: The unit types are as follows; Infantry, Jump Infantry, Jet Infantry, Artillery, Monstrous Creature, Vehicle, (note that only vehicles with a WS are affected), Beasts, Cavalry, Bike, Jetbike.

ServoArms do not benefit from Counter-Attack, or Assaulting, or anything else. Similarly, they are never affected by Defensive Grenades, or Defend.

Living Relic: This may take the total number of Objectives to 6 or more. "In contact" means touching.

Anvil Shield: No, not only when you charge. Any assault.

The Last Laugh: Not optional.

Pelt of the Doppegangrel: Either; Play him as an IC in CC only, or, this rule has no effect until his squad dies.

Runic Terminator Armour: He only gets the 4++ when equipped with this item.

Howling Cyclone: Fearless Units are immune. As are Vehicles.

Living Hurricane: Only Infantry, not Bikes, Jump Infantry etc. Also, this refers to 'Game Turn' therefore only applies if Space Wolves go first.
Driving Gale: Again, no effect if Wolves go second. Kinda like it forces you to take Bjorn as well. Teh Suckz.

Lord of the Wolfkin: Not unmodified. Ie, if they lose CC, they're still going to run.

War Howl: This must be declared before checking to see if the enemy is within Assault Range, Impetuous or not. Also, don't forget COunter Attack does not trigger Furious Charge.
Insane Bravado: Counter-Attack =/= Launching an Assault.

The High King: As it says, activate at the start of GAME TURN, then it ends at the end of PLAYER TURN. So, as with Njal, you have to go first.

Wolf Claws: Since there is no Close Combat Phase, declare which option at the beginning of the Assault phase instead.

Thunderwolf Mount: Note, you cannot use Rending in conjunction with a Power Fist etc. but as yuor normal attacks gain this Special Rule, they can be used instead.

Wolftooth Necklace: As it does not affect the opponent's WS, their 'To Hit' roll is worked out normally.

Mark of the Wulfen: Looks like your normal Attacks are GONE, replaced by the Rending ones. If so, that means you can't use Wargear to make other attacks, so don't waste the points...

Saga of The Iron Wolf: The additional d3" is counted for purposes of determining how many weapons may be shot by the vehicle this turn etc. It may not be used to move 0"+D3, or if the vehicle is unable to move for any reason.

Saga of the Hunter: As only the Character gains the 'ability to outflank' any squad he is attached to does not gain said ability, or any non-Dedicated Transport he is in. Since none of the HQs can HAVE a Dedicated Transport...Note though that I consider the Stealth USR transferable - if one member of a Squad has it, they all do until that guy dies. See CSM Icons for precedent. This means, for example, a unit of Wolf Scouts, and accompanying WGBL with SotH, will usually have a 3+ Cover Save, and can use either their Infiltrate or Scouts USRs to Outflank. This can be done even though those USRs are usually lost when joined by an IC without them, as they 'sacrifice' that ability for the opportunity to Outflank.

ERRATA: Page 96, Flamestorm should read Flamestorm Cannon.

Saga of the Bear's Oath: Obvioulsy a fluff question rather than rules, but I assume it means a Special charcater or model with the IC rule. If no such enemy exists (eg Nids) then a Monstrous Creature would surely do.

The Leader of the Pack (Do you want to be in my gang, my gang, my gang...): Sigh. A lot of misinterpretation of this one already, primarily (In My Experience) by morons on BoLS. Let's read the sentence that matters, together. "To represent this, no two characters may bear the same saga" Okay, so far so good - no two characters may have the same Saga...unless they're SCs, which is made clear on page 64, instead of 81 that I'm quoting now. Clever, that Phil Kelly bloke, repeating one of Pete Haines' biggest mistakes. Anyway, to resume..."nor may they bear the same psychic powers or wargear combination." Right. That's really clear to me, but let's break it down.

'Or' is the same as '/' and so can be represented as such. So, we paraphrase - "the same psychic powers/wargear combination"...from this phrasing it is clear that the word combination refers to both subjects of the sentence fragment - psychic powers AND wargear. You cannot, therefore, have the same combination of either of these things. Two Rune Priests with Living lightning and Jaws? No. Some people who are stupid enough/ignorant enough/haven't put any serious thought into it claim the following sentence "Space Wolves are far too individual and proud for such unimaginative tactics!" overrides my argument, which is based on logic, facts and a basic understanding of the English Language. For them, fluff decides rules, when there is a contradiction Fluff always wins, even if that directly contravenes RaW, or the writer's actual Intent. *Gasp* Yes, I went there. I'm not going to bother getting into a debate about how you have no possible way of knowing ther Writer's Intent better than I, and therfore if I believe it is this way my claim that's what 'Common Sense' dictates, or 'Fluff proves' you cannot say I am wrong, merely that you disagree. Opinions based on neither evidence nor lack of evidence aren't ever wrong - perhaps 'morally wrong' but this changes from country to country and even person to person. Sociopaths rarely think what they did is wrong. Just because a majority does doesn't necessarily make them right. You can't claim your interpetation of fluff any more valid than mine, ever, because GW actively encourage us to make up our own - even if it contradicts 'official' material. A certain (much derided) chapter of Female Space Marines comes to mind...

Anyway, in this ONE case at least, we can PROVE the intent of the author. Look, if you please, at Njal Stormcaller. This beefy chap has all of the Wolf Powers. ALL OF THEM. Are you genuinely claiming Phil Kelly wanted it to be the case that if he were selected NO OTHER RUNE PRIESTS COULD BE PLAYED??!!!!!?

Hopefully when the obligatory BatRep where Wolves win in White Dwarf will feature Njal and another Priest, just to show you. Games Workshop have gotten over the ridiculous idea of limiting Special Characters - they want the models to sell, so they want them to be used a lot. Who wants to use one that, great as he is, is inferior to 2 other priests that you cannot use with him in the list??

Axe Morkai: If at least one of his Attacks is made as a Frost Blade, they all strike at I5. No, I'm kidding. It's really simple. Note that you can, as an IC, split attacks between unit, so can split them along any lines required, as long as you do not exceed the maximum number you have available.

BITS I ripped from BoLS version...

Q4: If I have multiple Runic Weapons can I make multiple checks to nullify a psychic power?
A4a: No, you may only make a single Runis Weapon attempt to nullify a psychic power.
A4b: It doesn't say you cannot, as it does for Librarians' Psychic Hoods.

Wolves were able to successfully invade Prospero. Defeating Magnus' Legion of Srcerors = Shutting Psykers down totally. GW will, however, certainly rule against my interpretation.

Q5: Can Njal Stormcaller's Staff of the Stormcaller and a Rune Priest's Runic Weapon both be used to attempt to negate a psychic power? Can I choose to use a Psychic Hood (from an allied Inquisitor or Grey Knight) and a Runic Weapon (or Staff of the Stormcaller) to get multiple attempts to negate a psychic power.
A5: No and no. You can only attempt to negate a psychic power once.

While consistent with above, I disagree, for above reason. I say a categorical 'yes'.

Q9: Does a vehicle count as a "friendly squad" for Storm Caller? Does a single model unit (e.g., a Lone Wolf or Independent Character) count as a "friendly squad"?
A9: Units are defined clearly in the rules. Squad is used in place of 'unit' as are' mob', 'brood' and other analogous terms many times. It's very clear.

Q10: Does a unit that deployed via Deep Strike in a previous turn (but is not a skimmer, jetbike or jump infantry) continue to treat terrain covered by Tempest's Wrath as difficult and dangerous in subsequent turns?
A10: No. Tempest's Wrath only hinders units deployed via Deep Strike on the turn (or turns) they arrive from Deep Strike. Read the rule.

Q11: Does a unit that has taken a casualty from Fury of the Wolf Spirits have to take an immediate Morale check? Or is this Morale check taken at the end of the phase (i.e., a test caused by casualties or one caused by tank shock)?
A11: The Morale check caused by Fury of the Wolf Spirits is taken at the end of the phase in the same manner as one caused by normal shooting casualties. If the target unit also took 25% or more casualties, it only takes a single Morale check. -- clarified (thanks kenoh) - Not so. No basis in the rules for this call - units can frequently be called upon to take multiple morale-based checks in one phase. As a result, ofc they take two. Who cares, if you're on foot you're either LD9+, Fearless, or Fail.

Q12: Does Murderous Hurricane require the power to hit or wound its target to "affect" them? A12: No, a targeted unit is affected by Murderous Hurricane even if the power fails to hit or wound. Again, just read the rule.

Q14: Does Jaws of the World Wolf require line of sight? Does it ignore terrain that blocks line of sight (i.e., impassible terrain)?
A14: Yes. As a psychic shooting power, Jaws of the World Wolf requires line of sight. The Rune Priest must have line of sight to every model affected by the power. But terrain is completely ignored for purposes of determining line of sight for the power (even impassible terrain). Bollocks.

Q16: Can Fenrisian Wolves bought as wargear (i.e., using the Loyal Companions rule) ride in a Drop Pod with their owner?
A16: How? When bought, they form a unit with the character, preventing them from using their IC status to join a squad. They can't buy their own pod, so...

Q17: Does Bjorn's Ancient Tactician rule require for both dice to be re-rolled to determine who picks their deployment zone first? Or does the Space Wolves player re-roll his die? Or can the Space Wolves player choose which die is re-rolled?
A17: The rule says "dice", BUT Games Workshop frequently use this to refer to a single die - so common sense dictates that only the Bjorn player re-rolls. That, and the fact that no tangible advantage is gained from the corollary...

Q18: Arjac Rockfist is an upgrade character (i.e., does not have the Independent Character rule), so does he confer the Stubborn ability to his unit?
A18: Yes, the squad benefits from Arjac's Stubborn rule. Only if you interpret Telion as conveying the 'Stealth' rule to his unit.

Q19: Since Lukas the Trickster is an upgrade character (i.e., does not have the Independent Character rule) enemy attacks cannot be directly allocated against him. How does Pelt of the Doppelgangrel work?
A19: The rule is very explicit that Lukas must be directly targeted. So the Pelt of the Dopplegangrel isn't going to come into play until Lukas can be targeted directly (e.g., the only model left in the squad or he's a single model attached to one or more Independent Characters).

Q20: If Lukas the Trickster is in base contact with an embarked transport when he would be removed from play (and wins the roll-off) what happens to the embarked unit when the transport is removed from play?
A20: There's no way to disembark from a model that's been removed from play, so the occupants share the fate of the transport and are removed from play.

Q21: Does Ragnar Blackmane's Insane Bravado work if his unit Counter-attacks?
A21: No, Insane Bravo only works when Ragnar assaults.

Note: This was another issue that went 'round-and-'round. The final decision was that restricting Insane Bravado to the actual assault was more consistent with rules like Furious Charge and Berserk Charge. - Unneccessary. The Counter-Attack USR specifically prevents this with no need for clarification.

Q23: Does a model with a Wolftooth Necklace always hit vehicle without a WS on a 3+?
A23: No, the bearer must against a model with a WS benefit from the Wolftooth Necklace. - Again, explicit.

Q26: Can Wolf Guard units in an army led by Logan Grimnar fill both Elite and Troops slots?
A26: Yes. An army led by Logan Grimnar can take Wolf Guard units as either Elite or Troops choices. - Bullshit, as with the Wolves question that was too dumb for words.
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