Monday, 5 October 2009

Surfing the Inter(mittent)net...

Well, my home Internet is down and out atm, completely kaput. Until I get a new Router, hopefully before next Monday, I'll be largely unable to post to all, sadly.

Sadly, this means I'm not going to post up part two of the previous 'Etiquette' post until I've got the ability to give regular feedback - sorry, you just have to wait. In the meantime, an army review I've been sitting on for about two/three weeks, but kept getting distracted from posting...

That and my version of the Wolf FAQ. Bear in mind, it's rough and ready, because I didn't bother to change the answers that first came to mind - don't be offended, even if you are one of the people that read/played it wrong/differently etc. It's not an official document, it's my opinion. That said, a lot of it is obvious (to me) and I have frequently said so in the intent to be elitist is there...but most of us are in this game, to some extent, and me more than probably most. I don't really care, lol.
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