Wednesday, 30 September 2009

While we're here...Etiquette question.

While we’re here…

Let’s talk about new opponents. What do you do if an opponent you’ve never played cheats?

Examples -

Moving before making a MTC roll. Cheating.
Making a Scout move AFTER we seize the Initiative. Cheating.
Not declaring Reserves. Cheating.
Not declaring methods of Insertion for above. Cheating.
Putting Terminators in a Drop Pod. Facepalm.
Using the Quickening in my turn. Cheating.
Applying above’s effects in my turn after using in yours. Cheating.
Not allocating wounds BEFORE rolls. Cheating.
Assaulting though bases. Cheating.
Moving a Running model before rolling the dice. Cheating.
Sliding a Vindicator 1” across to claim cover when not looking? Mega Cheating.

What are all your opinions of these, and how best to deal with them? After I hear from, I don't know 8 or so of you, then I will tell you what I did.

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