Tuesday, 23 March 2010

As part of my attempts to highlight things of particular note amongst the community - BoLS' turn!

This is quite simply the best article I have ever read on BoLS.  Do I completely agree? No - I think mention should have been made that 1 Troop for every 500 points is a good rule of thumb.

I think that TSons simply aren't worth taking, as they, point for point, aren't any better than regular CSM.  I have serious doubts about the validity of Zerks...but I do think they have a place, as do Noise Marines.

I don't like Combat Squadding in Seize Ground - better to preserve your Speeders for a contest - or just blast the foe off two+ objectives, while sitting your pillbox tac squads on two others.

But that's my opinion, and, as we all know, if often differs from those expressed on BoLS.  Not JWolf's in particular, probably I agree with him more than most of the rest of them! lol

Finally, it's fantastic that they've seemingly dropped the 'happy happy joy joy' GW approach to unit selection. Every unit ISN'T created equal - it's a shame, but it's a fact.  If things are shit, it helps no-one to sugarcoat it.

Saying 'Fire Warriors are shit' isn't exactly a revelation...but it's an important step, nonetheless.

Well done BoLS - please keep it up!
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