Sunday, 14 March 2010

Initial impressions on Blood Angels


Mainly overcosted. Frankly, I spent little time in this section. Someone else's opinion here is what you should go for - although when I next get a look, I'll let you know.


Librarian Dreads are all the rage online atm. I'm not convinced, they may turn out a little pricey for me. Again, I kinda glossed over a bit of this, I had limited time with the book, and, as a conversion-lover, the Stormraven was my main port of call.
Frag Cannons made me lawl though.
Sanguiniary Guard aren't anything to write here about though. Mediocre at best.
Sternguard seemed to be a Copy/paste job...except Combat Tactics.
TH/SS NOT a free upgrade for Ass Termies.


Assault Marines look like the best option here - 10 guys, 2 Meltaguns, Fast Rhino - 225 points. Problems;
a) No Combat Tactics, a Fist may be required. Sigh. How backward.
b) Clearly an offensive unit. Now, I like to win in assault as much as the next guy, but I don't like throwing Troops at Land Raiders, and I don't like feeling it's a waste when I sit on my arse at an objective. Thanks Capture and Control.

Clearly answer the second point above. Again though, no Combat Tactics makes them a bit...well, when I get to write a list, maybe they'll come out better than I think right now. Paying that premium for their pillbox is unappealing though. :(

Death Company:
Can't Score, 15 points extra for a Jump pack. STFU GW. What a piece of overpriced piss they're likely to wind up being...I haven't checked all the options - maybe they get something stupid, other than the Relentless USR. I didn't see Rending in there though. Clearly not ideal...maybe they get free Transports? Beh...Base cost per guy is good, but I don't think that's going to save them. Happy to be wrong though.

DC Dreadnought:
Well, it's a Dreadnought - so it can't score. Looks pretty munchtastic, but no scoring = sad face. Certainly worth considering, but the base cost of essentials is higher here than C:SM, so you may not be able to squeeze them in.

Fast Attack:

Land Speeders;
Copy/Paste job again. Just as well, you need Multi-meltas somewhere.

Baal Predators;
Scary ass shit. Scouts, Flamestorm Cannon or TL AssCan... HB or HF Sponsons...Fast, obvs. A little pricey (basic cost same as Fire Prism) but pretty tasty overall. Will see a ton of play. Not necessarily in top tier lists, but the new model will certainly sell. Competing with Land Speeders though makes it tricky. Baal Squadrons would have certainly been a killer bonus.

Heavy Support:

It's not all that. Sure, it's very very nice, but it costs like a Terminator Squad, and the missiles, while AP1, aren't unlimited range, and are one-shot. Option to replace free TLAssCan with TLMM is sweet, and Crusader Sponsons nice if pricey. Certainly not going to be in many lists x3. Being an Assault Vehicle is great, especially for the Jump Infantry you CAN carry. And drop after moving Flat Out. Hoorah!

Yep, Heavy Support. As a trade-off, Riflemen are SLIGHTLY cheaper. lol

If you want to play 4th Ed with your friends, this is incredible. For those of us not mired in the past, this is still a nice change, but not enough to challenge the supremacy of moving pillboxes. All the same, paying 5 points less than SM Devvys (ML, MM, HB) - or 10 less on the other options is an excellent move by GW. Let's just hope it doesn't become ridiculous in 6th, hmmm?
They're still not quite playable, but they're closer.

Land Raider:
Psyche. It's not here - it's only in the Dedicated Transports section. Page 91. ;)

20 points to make it Fast is a little much in my mind. It's not like it gets sponsons now. Or free Extra Armour. AFAIK.

Sweet Stalin yes! My tanks, your face. Fun times are to be had with this. Time for the 'scalpel' army of the Imperium to actually Blitzkrieg. Only problem is competing with the Rifleman. :(

Descent of Angels is fine and dandy - and for an army themed around it, probably awesome. Seems to me though that it's better not to Jump Pack though, this IS the Age of Mech.
Lack of Combat Tactics mean when you go in, you have to go in hard, and come out on top. There doesn't seem to be any leeway there.

Finally, biggest WTF about the Dex is having to pay a fucking point for a Searchlight. What? Why?
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