Thursday, 11 March 2010


From GW's latest PDF, a new addition ot the Battle Missions supplement...

"Defensive Fire: The defenders have set up deadly
ambushes and fire-traps. To represent this the attacker’s
and defender’s Shooting phases are swapped around.
I.e. the defender shoots after the attacker has moved,
and the attacker shoots after the defender has moved!
Note that units can still run instead of shooting.
The sequence of play for a game turn is thus:
Attacker Moves
Defender Shoots (and runs)
Attacker Assaults
Defender Moves
Attacker Shoots (and runs)
Defender Assaults
To keep things simple, units may assault different units
to those they fired at in the Shooting phase, and all
units are assumed to have been stationary in their
Movement phase for the purposes of shooting."


I swear to fuck, if anyone tries to make me play a Tournament using that guff I'll actually cry. How the fuck are IG going to use Orders now?? They really didn't think it through in relation to existing rules, they just thought it would be cool and went ahead and did it.

And when I read the synopsis before the full rule I was excited too. Sigh.

In other news, one of my Fire Prisms broke. Sad panda.


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