Monday, 8 March 2010

Where to start...: Part One - Purchasing power.

A PM, from Heresy Online's Azrael Ironfist:

hey i am starting an eldar army and was wondering if i could get some advice. the title says.

The first thing that's important is learning what, if anything, you have already bought. Ideally, you haven't bought anything but Fire Dragons, Dire Avengers, Jetbikes or Grav Tanks.

Starting an Eldar army, there are a number of things you just shouldn't bother wasting yuor money on. These are ofc well enough documented, but a summary here hurts no-one.
- Swooping Hawks
- Shining Spears
- Artillery
- Avatar
- Phoenix Lords
- Wraithlords
- Striking Scorpions
- Dark Reapers
- Howling Banshees
- Warp Spiders
- War Walkers
- Guardians
- Rangers

...Now, I know that's a lot, and not everyone will agree. But I don't care. In a nutshell, we've just separated the wheat from the chaff, and left ourselves with the core elements of the Eldar:

Fire Dragons
Wave Serpents
Seer Councils

and the supplementary things good enough to be considered, in some capacity at least. NOTE - Vypers are still in contention. This is primarily for scaling up to larger points when the FoC gets slightly restrictive, but also because they can provide fairly cheap flurries of S6 shots...they are the least viable unit remaining, of course.

On the one hand, starting Eldar can be expensive. The requirement (OUT Blackmoor-philes) for a fully mechanised list pushes the cost up a lot, as does the critical factor of Fire Dragons not being plastic. Converting your own Seer Council is also a tricky and expensive process. Fortunately, I just saved you a lot of money by relegating most of the Codex to the scrapheap.

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