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List Analysis: Chumbalaya's Hybrid BA (AKA - Sponsons on Baals are Balls)

Now, anyone who's familiar with myself will know this isn't me actually criticising someone I consider one of my best 'Internets Friends' - but I think he could have done this list better, and this is as amusing a way to say so as any, sooooooo......
http://bnhblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/hybrid-blood-angels.html - The Original Post, on Chumby's excellent Blog, BnH.  My comments in BLUE, as last time.

Mephiston is excellent, if ludicrously tasty...er...I mean costly. - Hidden behind a Rhino/Back while he literally skips up the table (actually - perhaps not literally.  Do Emo Marines skip?  Slouch, sure...but how do you slouch with Wings??)  I digress...Mephiston is usually first choice HQ for any BA list that has Mech in it.  IMO.
2x Sanguinary Priests w/ jump packs and melta bombs
No Infernus Pistols?  No Power Weapons, I can dig - no Hand Flamers, no big deal...of course, because Chumby did no smexy analysis, we don't know where in the process this came up, so maybe he ran low on points.  :p
3x Assault Squads - 10 men, 2 meltaguns, Sergeant w/ powerfist and infernus pistol
Pretty much exactly what I'd recommend for a Hybrid - no issues here.  Except the latest WD, which has an excellent NMM Gold Painting Guide.  I know, I know, advertising for them is bad - but that article really does bare looking at, as does the silver one in WD 353( I think it's 353...)  Every once in a while, there's something good - and since I thought it'd be fun to do a WD Review every issue, there's a mention of the mag, so it won't be a total shock if I do actually take that plunge.  Oh Noes! Spoilers!  Ooops.
Fast Attack
3x Baal Predator w/ twin-linked assault cannon turret and heavy bolter sponsons
Here we go.  Seriously, Chumby?  Ugh.  Sponsons.  Now, I was talking about this issue earlier, IRL, and I don't think it's my aesthetic sense that hates the sponsons - at least not primarily.  Rather, I think it's a combination of cost and playability.  Cost - the Baal costs a sizeable 15 points more than the regular Predator - while this covers the cost of both Scouts and the unique turret options, it also pushes the tank up into the higher spectrum of points values on a single [non-multi-wound] model that isn't phenomenal, necessary...or rubbish.  I know what you're thinking - "But TKE, it's only 145 - what's the big deal?" - to which I say "Shut Up Brain! - stop trying to read people's minds!"  Followed by - That's how much a TL BL Wave Serpent costs, with S-Can underneath.  It shouldn't but that's another topic...now - while a WS is essential to keep your T3 paper alive, and has duality of threatening both Infantry and Armour, alongside that mobility not provided outside of that option in the Eldar Dex, it's also virtually mandatory.  And overcosted.

Does a Baal really add more than a WS?  Apart from the fact that it's less survivable, and mobile - does it add relative mobility?  Not in a JP-based list, even Hybrid, so no.
Does it add any tank-killing ability?  Well, the AssCan can threaten Rhinos and Chimera Sides...but I think it's been identified it's hardly good at the role.  As for the HBolters? They add nothing to the anti-tank use. - Since they're the Sponson, they add nothing whatsoever except a desire to shoot Infantry rather than Tanks...
Does it bring Duality, therefore? Not hardly squire.  Adding that desire above, makes their viability against Armoured Targets actually less - as you will know it's a waste.
It DOES add some survivability to the guys huddled behind - but forcing the army to deploy line abreast (to block LoS) with 6 Predators creates this new issue - sponsons get in the way.  They prevent going hull-to-hull, like the Guard love to do, and free up the enemy to take better shots, Cover Save be damned.  An Autocannon would rather shoot an Obscured Side AV11 than a Front AV13, anyday.

If you deploy in a staggered formation - rather than line abreast?  Then they block each other's Fire Lanes.  Granting Cover to the foe for free, and blocking own LoS are both Very Bad Indeed.

Heavy Support
3x Predators w/ autocannon turrets and lascannon sponsons
Yeah, I like these, despite the Fail that is the Sponson system.  For ranged tank-busting there is no better, just a Rifleman as equal rival - and he is slower than a Predator, leaving him behind the Jump Packs...and he doesn't block LoS.
Total - 2000"

<3 Chumby! Let's hear some rebuttals.  :D

Why are Sponsons viable?
Is there nothing better for those points?
Did I cross an invisible line with this post that hurt your feelings?
Will Dethtron comment?
Will Mercer be late to comment, as usual recently? :p
Will Sandwyrm or Farmpunk comment, haven't seen them speak up in a week or so?
Did I put more effort into these pointless questions than most of the rest of the article?
Should I be asleep at 2:30 AM instead of talking nonsense?
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