Wednesday, 14 April 2010

BA Sternguard List

So, I've been busy,working, holding a brush and staring into space for a lengthy spell, or arguing with fools (sigh) so none of the stuff I said I planned to do before the end of last week got done.

That means my Part Two of the HQ BA Review is still 3 lines on Tycho, which is still a lot more than he would have had in the last Codex...

That aside, I have 2 really quick posts.  This first is a Sternguard based BA Mech army.  There's no real science behind it, but I will do an analysis at some stage, possibly when I do the Elites reviews, hopefully sooner.  The second post will be literally a couple of things I'm moaning about, and trying to generate some sort of brainwave by forcing myself to not gloss over it.  lol

Anyway, Sternies...

For this list, we are all about the shooty goodness, so we go with Tycho, to get the extra Sternguard ammo, and the Melta.  Rights of also go well with the resilience you want for the list, without Combat Tactics to buff it.

Tycho (Captain) - 175

Now, we need Sternies, and a Transport.  Ideally, a Razor, to sit behind our advance wave and shoot over them.  This is where we rue the lack of 10-point AssCan turrets... :(
Note, a Rhino is a waste, as it encourages a unit like this to Bunker, and also it minimises their firepower.  As they aren't Troops, don't be afraid to let them die.  I'm open to arguments to the contrary, fyi.  ;)

5 Sternguard; w/ Razorback [Heavy Bolters], 5 Combi-Meltas - 205

Three of for said Rhinos...

Assault Squad; w/ Rhino, 2 Meltaguns. - 225

Three of these....(It's a 2k list, btw! lol)  Takes our total thus far to (225x3) + (205x3) + 175 = 1465.  Not bad, for a 1500, though not great either.  Let's go on.  So far, we have a fair whack of shooting, but pretty much spread out anti-tank, and short ranged.  We have 6 11/11/10 (or 11/11/11/10, if you're Stelek... :p ) chassis' roaring forward - so let's get another 2 in there, and get some anti-infantry in the process - oh, and some FnP, in case forced out of our Mech, also providing us greater Flexibility and Duality.

Honour Guard; w/ 3 Meltaguns, Blood Chalice, 2 Flamers, Razorback [Heavy Bolters] - 210

Two of these...but that forces us to take another HQ...Yeah, a Libby.  Duh, lol.

Librarian; w/ Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius - 100

So, we've added on 510 more points - oh.  Takes us to 1975.  So, 25 to spend...well, Melta Bombs, Dozer Blades, Cinammon...add according to taste, at this stage.  There we have a quick Sternguard, very shooty up close, decently shooty at range, but lacking ranged anti-armour punch, BA list.  Dropping the Honour Guard for Riflemen (3!), AC/LC Preds, or Typhoons for better reach vs enemy Transports - but if you get close you will win the war of attrition without them (and with HG).  More mobile enemies a serious threat though.
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