Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Stuff I need to vent:

Conclusions from the day's gaming:

At 1k, Hybrid Eldar works better than pure mech against other 'Elite' forces with such a greater capacity for withering fire.

Rhino Tacs are NOT in a fucking Wave Serpent.  Stop using them as if they were! Idiot.

Single MMs are significantly less accurate than TL BL (despite lower BS.)

Pathfinders are easier to kill than I remembered...

And Broadsides harder.

Being overly cautious against Tau will cost you tabling opportunities.  Find the line, and ride it.

Telling your opponent what they need to do is best done after the game.  lol

I hate playing at 1k so much that if I didn't need the practise I'd shoot myself for seeking out such a game...
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