Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Bob asked...

"Do you think a close combat squad with avatar backup would've held your objective or even made Jonny65's rush to your objective come later in the game?"

Well.  This is a tactic I've seen you use with some success at Slayers, and certainly find it an interesting and novel use of the Fearless Bubble the Avatar projects...I literally never even thought of the idea.  He also compensates for the main weakness of Pathfinders, the fact that they roll over in CC (being an MC, not ideal to CC him, after all...) and Flamers (uh- Molten Body! lmao!)

So, overall, it seems like a reasonable tactic.  However, I remain unconvinced, for a couple reasons -

  • The Avatar really isn't that hard to kill, sadly. - If the enemy has LOS, he's pretty much gonna go down in a hail of bullets.  I'm thinking Autocannon, in particular.  Though, since Joe inexplicably refuses to use enough anti-tank weapons (:p) despite me telling him every week, he's not the best example...imagine facing a couple Vendettas - they have the mobility to always be able to shoot you, and the guns to tear you apart in one round.
  • Feels like a waste - You have a 5-man Pathfinder squad...sure, they Score...but they cost 120 points, plus the Avatar...another 2 Vypers cost the same as the Pathfinders.  Another Serpent with Lance/SCannon and a DAVU costs 205.  
  • The Pathfinders are still fragile, and vulnerable to things that ignore Cover.  Rob's IG, for example, can spit Flamers at you from 12" away with 3 HellHounds.  Several of the guys can DS Flamers next to you - if they trade a tank/small squad for your Troops, then it won't matter when the Avatar kills them.  Especially if he has to come out into the open to do so.
  • Restrictive - It pretty much eliminates the option for Infiltration, Outflanking, or even a Scout move if the Avatar of the Bloody Handed God is required to babysit.
I like Pathfinders, and found they didn't get shot at very much last year at Q-Con - most shots at them were from frustrated enemy units unable to scratch my AV12 hulls.  I think that the main reason most opponents at TTN/Slayers even shoot your Pathfinders is because their lists are unable to deal very well with fully mechanized forces, and you present them an easy target. lol

I'd really love to see your army try an additional Wave Serpent instead.  Or, better yet - drop the Holo-Fields on your Prism, and use 3 Prisms.

That totally isn't just because I would love to see Joe's face... ;)

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