Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Diabetes Is Not A Proper Disability... (joke)

Ryan said, in the comments HERE...

"Harro there TKE =]
Ryan here.
So After looking through your suggested lists and seeing what I'd personally prefer to try I came up with this; by the way, I decided to keep the Termies and their ride for that Sally feel and ofc the TH/SS goodness =]


Tact: 10, MM Fl Rhino
Tact: 10, MM Fl Rhino
Tact: 10, MM Fl Rhino

Terminator AS: 5, TH/SS

Redeemer: MM

Speeder Squadron: 2, MM HF
SPeeder Squadron: 2, MM HF

Dakka Pred
Dakka Pred


By my count thi tallys in at 1955.
What to do with the 45 points?
Mbombs on sgts? Maybe a fist? EA on redeemer might prove useful.

What you think?

I think EA is a necessity on Redeemers more than any other Land Raider.  Unfortunately, I think one Raider is too big a target, especially at 2k.  Take 2/3, or go home.  lol
Play that guy [from Slayers] who's name I forget, with the shitty Dark Eldar list, and even he should demonstrate why.  Failing that, play me on Friday.  ;)

Since you now have those Predators (grrr) you are closer to finishing the list, lol.  It's very nearly done, a little tweak or two really.

Fist wouldn't be good - identikit Troops choices mean the enemy must determine the biggest threat simply through table-top position and Threat Management.  This is the nature of Target Priority - and I don't mean shitty 4e rules no-one ever paid attention to.  It is in your interest to make choosing a target as difficult as possible, by having as many things as possible pose equal threat levels.  If he splits his fire, you may all survive - if he doesn't most of you should, and be able to do most of the damage you could have with the missing units.  This is why it is necessary to take 3 Dragon squads in my army.  lol [As it applies to all units, not merely Troops]

Putting EA on the Redeemer is awesome.  Essentially, it ensures Terminators ALWAYS have a 20" charge radius out of it.  12" Move, 2" Disembark, 2" Base Size, 6" Assault.  Sweet, especially when you are hitting them with MC Hammers.  (It was really difficult not to put a link in there...)

It leaves 30 of your Earth 'points' to my favourite options are:

a) Melta Bombs on all Sergeants, Dozer Blades on Rhinos

b) Combi-Meltas on all 3 Sergeants

That's really it.  Not much else to say about the list, lol.

Oh, and btw - I beat Cathy 2-0 on Turn 5.  Just in case you, like Mark, Huggy, and herself, thought she was going to win.  ;)  

Very good game though.  Impressed by what I saw.  I had a lot of fun.  Maybe next time she'll have me...[Though, a player of my calibre? :p ]*

* - Apologies to those who don't get the in-jokes...but I think they're funny, or I wouldn't type them.  So, rest assured, they're gems, right there.
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