Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A Sadness Runs Through Him...

Another post about Ray!

So, Ray and I had a battle - a summary of which can be seen here.

After the game, we sat and discussed the list for a bit, albeit somewhat fruitlessly.  I needed time to mull over where I felt the list had let him down, and where, frankly, it may have been his or indeed MY fault.

Since that, he has hit me up this email, too:

"Hello my good fellow TKE heres a new list i have decided to do just for fun not really concerned about competetive cause you know what my rolling is like lol ;-)

Librarian, with jump pack ,combi-melta

Honour guard , jump packs,4x meltaguns, 4x plasmaguns

assault squad x 8 , flamer,infernus pistol, rhino , meltabombs

assault squad x 10, 2x meltaguns ,powerfist

assault squadx 10, 2xmeltaguns ,powerfist

sternguardx 10 ,rhino

sang preistsx 2, jump packs, power weapon

vanguard squad, jump packs, powerfist, 2x power weapons

dreadnought, lascannon

dreadnought, assault cannon

thats it comes in at 1999 just wondering what you think i know u will not like the plasmaguns cause u dont ike them for reasons i dont understand. Only thing i am not certain about the dreadnought with assault cannon but cant think of anything else."

Plasmas for HG is silly*, Ray.  Most times the Meltas will do an equal job, if not better.  Melta and Flamer, though, is fine.  lol

Dreadnoughts in the BA list are required for Fire Support, sure - but in that case you REALLY need them to have more than a 24" range.  TL Autocannons, all the way.  Both arms.  Also mitigates your Simon-esque rolling.  :p

Sang Priests, I have decided, are too easy to pick out of their squad to carry any equipment but the JP.  

Mixing Rhinos in mean you need Predators to shield them, not Dreadnoughts.

Sternguard without Combi-weapons are shit.  Pure unabashed shit, tbh.

Hybrid JP lists aren't impossible, so never fear!

How about this:

Libby - 125
w/ JP, Blood Lance, Shield 

RAS - 250
Rhino, 2 Meltas, Fist

RAS - 250
Rhino, 2 Meltas, Fist

RAS - 225
2 Flamers, Fist

RAS - 225
2 Flamers, Fist

Predator - 135

Predator - 135

Predator - 135

That's 1480...(Add Hand Flamers to Melta squads for 1500)

But for 2k, instead we go:

SHP: - 160
1 w/ JP, Melta Bombs
1 w/ JP, Melta Bombs

Sternguard - 265
6 Guys, 4 Combi-Meltas, Fist, 2 Heavy Flamers, Rhino

Typhoon - 90

1995...put MBs on the Libby.

Try that, Ray.  :)


* - Plasma is silly because:

  • Overcosted
  • Can kill yourself
  • Not great vs Vehicles
  • Overcosted
  • Can kill YOURSELF
  • Overcosted. 

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