Sunday, 2 May 2010

mDz said...(Rules inquiry)

"While on the subject of you being awesome ( and because you play Eldar apparently...), I happen to have a question that needs answering. What happens to the contents of a Wave Serpent, when it turboboosts and subsequently gets Wrecked/Explodes...?"

Well, this one is a question I've never actually come up in a game, so there exists the possibility that I've been playing the rules wrong.  With that in mind, I had to go and look again.  I started with the 'Destroyed - Wrecked' rules on page 67.  These tell us that "The passengers must immediately disembark and then take a pinning test." No issues here, simple enough to understand...but what if they CANNOT?

Well, let's look at WHY they might not - page 70 of the BRB tells us "Passengers may not embark onto or disembark from a fast vehicle if it has moved (or is going to move) flat out in that Movement phase."  Hrmmm.  So, there's a timing issue there, it's possible that passengers could be forced out, which seems to counter this rule.  Have GW made provision for this?  Page 67 has - "Any models that cannot disembark are destroyed."  Ah.  awk-ward.  Okay...that doesn't look promising for the Serpent's passengers...wait, hang on...

*Sigh of relief* - I forgot all about the definition of 'turn' on page 9.  "Whenever a rule uses the word 'turn', both in this rule book and in the Codexes, it means 'player turn' otherwise will clearly state 'game turn'."  This clearly indicates that if a Flat Out vehicle is Wrecked in it's own turn, ie, the player turn the guys inside Embarked, then the guys inside, lamentably, are destroyed.  If, however, they are shot down in the opponent's turn they get out the access point, and take a Pinning test.  If they can't get out an access point?  Then we refer to the emergency disembarkation rule on page 67.

Hope that resolves the issue for anyone having problems! :D

And, now, some music.
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