Saturday, 8 May 2010

NEWS - Spearhead Releases!

Well, was looking at the sprues from the local GW Black Box this afternoon (no pics, sorry!) and guess what?

Good News Everyone! - The Night Spinner and Fire Prism come on a single upgrade sprue to the Falcon, with all of the tasty extra hull pieces, the resculpted turret...and some pretty swish extras, including a Shuriken Cannon for the chin.  Means you never have to build a Spinner, after you read the terrible rules!!

Bad News Everyone! - The way the Prism is assembled means it is more than likely you will have to paint it on the sprue - or the gun at least.  Also, as far as I could tell, you only got one rollbar, so the weapons will be incredibly difficult to magnetize, if even possible.  :(

Good News Everyone! - The new Leman Russ boxset comes with the pieces for all the remaining Russ variants, including the regular Russ!  It comes with swish hull/sponson weapons, apparently identical to the new Demolisher sprue, but I haven't bothered to check.

Bad News Everyone! - It's a Russ sprue, so it is NOT the Manticore/Hyra/Deathstrike/Droids we were looking for.

That's today's news.  Now, over to Olly for the weather?  Olly?
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