Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Slow Day...

So, was playing football last night, and, one thing led to another,and...no, wait...that doesn't fit...er...


Was playing football, and have badly sprained my ankle.  Fairly sure it's not broken, but I don't own an X-Ray machine.  Sadly.  Man, would that be cool...Anyway, yeah.  So's, I'm pretty much a cripple today, and feeling a bit down about the fact I can't get the 2/3 games of 40k I'd have liked to get in as I often do on a Tuesday.  :(

...In fact, really all I've done today is discover the Onion News Network, via Youtube, and watch a few dozen videos.

So, since I'm unlikely to do anything, I'll take requests, if they get to me before I get fed up and turn on the XBox, for a series of short articles.  Anything* you want an opinion on - hit me up!


* - But nothing too long.  It's depressing enough I can't do what I want, anything time-consuming, like BA review, won't get done.  Sorry!
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