Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Holy Shit...

So, BA and Nid FAQs are FINALLY up! Hoorah!  Well done GW!

And, holy fucking shit batman.  Are they good, or are they awesome?

Firstly - one word answers.  Suck it up, dickbags, no shitty tedious fluff explanations for you.  Want to know how the rules work? Read a proper FAQ.  Want to read nonsense spewed by some pompous twat trying to make himself sound cool by putting extraneous bollocks in?  Piss off to the INAT.

Secondly - Shadow doesn't affect Eldrad? Holy Orbs of Antioch yeah!  Never getting out in 5e FTW!

Thirdly - No, of course the DoM doesn't affect Transported units spas-anus.

Fourth - Confirmation of multiple Nid CCWs being usable together makes me weep with irritated joy.  Now, I have to convert my TyranOrks.  :(

Fifth - As I type this, I still haven't checked out the BA one, so I'll post prematurely (lol) and edit in stuff and link.  BRB ZOMG BBQFT FTW ETC...

Sixth - Wow that was fast, huh? (They don't call him Baals out in an alley for nothing!)  Er...Magna-Grapples WORK! Yay!

Seventh - Oh crap.  No upgrades for Furioso Libbies, huh? Methinks they thinks they are a little OP.  Thanks a lot Internet fucktards.  Way to bone originality in Codex writing.  Don't listen Matt Ward!  We still love you, we, the disenfranchised big-spending player base so reviled by Jervis.  Maybe someone should remind him the first GT was his idea, wasn't it?  Sigh.

Eight - Corby can't help you go first.  Pity, makes him a lot less useful (ubiquitous? lol)  but still he's not terribad.

Nine - what the hell kind of idiots thought you could combine DoAs to not scatter? :S  If you ever thought this, please punch yourself fiercely in the genitals.

Ten - Despite a great job overall - we still need it spelled out how Smokes work if Scouting and going first.  People are idiots.  lol

Much better than the last shitty PDF I read on the GW site!  :D
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