Monday, 28 June 2010

I'll put up plus points first.

But, I'll edit them in, as I'm sleepy.  Until then, my teammate and I finished 13th, for starting 27 teams (that showed Day 1, with 5 who paid but did not come :S ) with 3W,  2 draws and a Loss.  Guys drew us first game second day came 2nd, so that wasn't bad - but, like I said, many times before - Doubles is NOT how you should play 40k in a 'Tournament', and it was truly shitty.  There is no tactical element beyond deployment (if going second) when the opponent is less than 4' away, and you have to say out loud what you think in order to convince your teammate you actually have a strategy in mind, your moves are not random.

And, holy fuck, was time ever an issue.  I think we got to turn 5 twice.

But, this post is for positives, so...

[To be Edited Later]

[Continuing it now...]

Plus points, in bullet form...

  • I liked the room, spacious, airy, bright, full of sunshine.

  • The location, as in, choice of room within the building, was also quick and easy to access, which especially helped the Sunday, with Registration at ten, and the building opening at ten also.  You may be aware, I also had some slight issues with a certain lower body joint prior to the event.  lol

  • Most games seemed to be played with an excellent camaraderie and fun spirit.

  • It was nice to see a bunch of friends all weekend, some more than others, of course.  lol

  • Met some great guys and good players I didn't know before, which is always excellent.

  • Quality of painting was generally high, where models were actually finished.  Some of the omissions for 'Best Painted' nomination were as odd as the inclusion of the Tau/Eldar army, lol.  :p (It wasn't fully painted, and the owners were even more surprised than anyone.  lol.  Conspiracy theorists may suggest it was because they were the only Xenos players not using Orks? ) [Chris' converted Pre-Heresy Ravenwing weren't anywhere near fully painted either, but were also nominated, strangely...{though they did look good, as did the Eldar/Tau}]

  • Some conversions were truly epic, and some of my favourites will get posted here sooner or later.

  • Prizes being given out for 6 awards in total (Col Shaeffer, Emperor's Champion, Best Painted, 3rd, 2nd, Best General) was good, though not all of them equalled or surpassed the £34 it cost each player to attend, and no-one could really have made a profit on the weekend.  That's not why we play, but it would be nice, no?

  • I now have a definite, confirmed opinion on the very concept of Doubles.  lol

  • I think I slightly learned a little from one of the losses about my playing Marines.  Two of the losses, perhaps.  I also learned from our first victory, so overall my Marine-playing ability will hopefully have improved as a result.  Not that it couldn't have done so from simply playing warm-up games...

  • I actually like Kill Points so much more in comparison.

  • I think a few players learnt a lot more about exactly how 5e works, and, without wanting to take credit for their achievements in ANY way - several players I have attempted to improve the general play and understanding of the system of did very well.  Better than me, it must be said.  Don't misinterpret though - they are in no way pupils or disciples of me, lol.  Just friends I want to see do well and if my attempts to help have in any way managed that, then great.

Think that pretty much covers it.  Next up, the much longer negative list...
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