Saturday, 26 June 2010

Getting the excuses in early...

1) Only 2 hours for a 2k game? really? As if Doubles wasn't already slower than regular 40k...

2) I felt horrible all day Friday, and my goodness I've done a horrible job 'finishing' the army as a result.

3) 4 hours sleep.  Sigh.  If only I could take my own advice.

4) Compared to my play time with Eldar, Orks, or even Chaos, my time with SM is virtually nil.  Expect a screw up.  Or several.

5) A wizard did it.

6) Having a teammate is a horrid handicap.  :p

7) I didn't really care either way, because it's not actually a tournament, it's a Hobby Event.

8) I wasn't allowed to play naked, which was my primary tactic.

...There, that's enough excuses I suppose.  Oh, they cheated (all of them) the dice betrayed me, and my tape measure shrank in the wash.

Well, on to that 4hrs sleep, then the Tournament starting at 10am tomorrow.

I'll try and let you know how I got on Day One, er...after it ends.  lol
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