Friday, 11 June 2010

MWFTW! Stormraven Post...

Y'know, since everyone else has a post about 'Ravens, my turn! Pics, and it DID happen!

Note - this is not my own work, it was built by a local GW staffer.  I think it's rather nice, though the £61 price tag for the conversion set is a bit of a lot for one model.

100_1185.jpg image by TheKingElessar

100_1184.jpg image by TheKingElessar

100_1183.jpg image by TheKingElessar

100_1182.jpg image by TheKingElessar

Also, just to neatly fit in with my recent comments on YTTH asking if anyone had ever used a road on a table (what with them being sillystupid in rules, and realistically broken in several senses) - when I went to (one of) my local club(s), QUB DragonSlayers, this Tuesday, I saw the following! :O

100_1246.jpg image by TheKingElessar 100_1245.jpg image by TheKingElessar.  Two boards with interlocked road pieces...Oh the humanity/irony.

Right, wuite a short post, not much content - still busy, this whole 'painting' crap.  :(

On the bright side, I've made a Conversion Beamer I'm quite happy with, so will do an article all about it when finished.  I've been taking WIP Pics.

*Spoiler* - Some are on my Photobucket Account already, if you can't wait.
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