Tuesday, 15 June 2010

So, while you all played 'Ard Boyz...

I've done nothing.

To be honest, I feel a little bit burnt out - getting my army ready for FoB doesn't so much feel like doing a hobby, more like a chore I have to get finished.  Today was the first time I touched a brush since Tuesday, and really, 6 days of inactivity when I need the army 3 Colours by the 26th isn't anything like optimal.

I had to drop out of going to Cardiff, for several reasons, primarily this fucking ankle, my inability to get 2 armies built at once (well...actually, I had very little to build for the Eldar, more a case of converting 2 Vypers to the correct load-out, and painting said Vypers.) - I'm pretty gutted about it, but I'm really more irritated at myself for failing to get things sorted when I've not exactly had in dropped in my lap, I've known about it for a while, certainly long enough to get things done.  Probably contributes to my general apathy towards the painting/modelling aspect of the hobby atm.  Still...In an effort to galvanise myself, and force action I shall be attempting to not use ,my XBox for the next week, even though I just downloaded some new maps for Arkham Asylum's challenges, and the Secret Armoury DLC for Borderlands, which (FINALLY!!) increases the level cap.  MOAR levels = time to get the rest of the Achievements...

Or rather, not.

I plan to spend next week painting the Boltgun Metal on my Dakka Pred, which will be the third colour for it, then I need to work on Tac Squad two, paint various hatches for the Rhinos, and paint Speeder crew, so I can glue them in.  Then, build my 3rd Speeder, and hopefully Gifts for Geeks will stop letting me down and post my final fucking Land Speeder before the end of the week - or else I will have no choice but to pay full retail to get one in my hand and paint it in 2 days.  :(

Well, there we go, a brief update on what's going down.  Feel free to call me lazy and irresponsible, minions!

I'm off to read Sandwyrm's Ard Boyz report, then play Borderlands, because the week hasn't started...

EDIT: Hrmm.  Seems I screwed up predictably.  It's not 40k related, so I won't bore you with details...but, suffice it to say, getting my army done is now slightly more likely, as I have one less distraction.  Cue music by the Lighthouse Family, and a (probable) hiatus from the Blogosphere from Wednesday until at least Saturday.

On the plus side for all my loyal fans - I'm not working this Saturday (with the whole Cardiff thing that I planned) so I may try and get a nice decent game for a BatRep, almost-live!  Kinda depends on a few things, not least whether or not I get my Tacticals torsos painted, as I have taken to painting the backpack separate.  Bah...stop typing now TKE.  ;)
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