Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Its almost depressing...

...when you see lists like these. Almost? Who are you kidding? I had to cut myself after reading that. Everybody say hello to Brother Loring. You go to your local store on Friday night for some games of 40k. Your blood is pumping after reading a FNIF, well now I know you're lying. You're an aussie and FNIF is SNIF for you! One of the guys challenges you to a game saying he has got a list he wants to try out. Smiling you take a look at his list. Chaplain with Jump Pack, foot slogging Terminators, Tacticals with power fists and only one unit for long range fire power *doublefacepalm**triplefacepalm* Why do hobbyists make such simple mistakes? Is that the PC term for 'them'?

Who knows. We could blame the forums, BoLS or relate it to how most players aren't competitive. But that isn't what I'm going to talk about. Rather we are going to look at the one thing he did right. He put his tacticals in Rhinos:
  1. Vehicle Damage Chart - this is possibly the single biggest reason for taking transports in 5th Edition. The 5th Edition Vehicle Damage Chart acts like a 3+ pseudo invulnerable save. First the other guy has to do the usual roll to hit and wound. But because of the ease of getting cover you get a save. And then comes the pseudo invulnerable save... as long as you roll a 1, 2 or 3 your tanks can move and shoot normally the next turn.
  2. Tank Shocking - it is poorly understood by some. But when done right (+1 <3) this can be a devastating tactic. And don't be afraid of the power fist or melta-gun. They will only hurt you if directly in your path. And even then their punny attack is unlikely to destroy your mighty warmachine.
  3. Deflation - we all know that Games Workshop wants to sell more stuff to us. And we are more than happy to comply. Especially when they deflate the cost of vehicles. Of course the 4th Edition Codices are being screwed by their high costs as they have no option but to participate in the war of escalation.
  4. Target Saturation - Doom Bubble didn't seem to understand what target saturation is with only 14 units at 2000 points. But that is probably because he is from New Zealand. The more units you have on the board the more your opponent has to prioritise.
  5. Manoeuvrability - It is one of those things almost every list in 5th Edition needs. Long gone is the average static gun-line. Stick your guys in some vehicle and drive (or zoom) across the battle field so you can contest objectives, charge into assault or just hit 'em where it counts.
  6. Protection - we all know how important it is to protect our guys. And that 3+ pseudo invulnerable save gives another layer of protection. Without it things can go terribly wrong:

If you have ever looked at the Pinktastic blog you may have come across this article that looks at competitive foot builds... none of them are static or lacking protection. Footdar are possibly the single exception to unprotected, static lists that can duck fuck (Why are you not swearing? Have you ever read Mindwar? I'm going to moderate that!) you and your future children up. They are that awesome. Just ask that guy from BoLS and he will tell you.

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Disclaimer - TKE invited me to post on his blog. So any damaged brain cells as a result of reading my thoughts can be blamed on him. I will accept praise though. As long as I'm not involved in any of these blame/praise shenanigans I don't care!
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