Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Right, so, lagging behind a little...

Man, this sucks.

So, I spent most of Sunday drinking (or a lot of it, anyway) and most of Monday recovering [PROTIP: After the tenth double vodka, give wallet to someone else to look after...] and that recovery even spilt over until today, cos I'm still not 100%.  Annnndddd, I've realised today I have 2 and a half weeks until I go to Edinburgh - I thought it was still over 3.  Dumbass.

Sooo, with that in mind, and the fact that packing and work are both things that have to take priority, I'm going to have to try and get the current in progress articles out of the way somehow.  Guh.  My Banshees article is practically embryonic, so it goes to the last place in the queue.  Following up my Alpha Legion posts with more Sternguard lists, and a BA variant, are important, so they go top.  I've a poll to put up, still, so it will be up by the end of the day (not necessarily in my time zone, but somewhere...) I have an article I want to do based on a thread on GMort's Chaotica, I have an ETC-related challenge to complete, I have a response to Warseer's (and his blog) Igradar to write up, and I have an article I promised Danny Internets.  I had another idea, but it's gone.

Anyway - that's what's going down in TKE-land (Gondor...) - that, and the game I'm off to have with my Eldar against Joe's IG.  But, I don't know what points we are using, so I've gotta take 2k I suppose.  :-/

I guess I just require some better balance...
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