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Stolen Content!! Now with extra Snowmobiling...

Hello, and welcome to this wonderful piece of stolen Bloggery, taken verbatim from Mercer's Blog, Imperius Dominatus.  You may be wondering, TKE, you have plenty of your own content, why the hell do you feel the need to paste someone else's Blog Post and pass it off as your own material?!?  Well, the answer is simple.  I read this BatRep and, as I did, thoughts surfaced, all up in my brain.  I felt the urge to interrupt the reading, and explain to someone what I was thinking at that juncture - whether it be a mistake by either player (or both) a joke, a snide comment, a witty aside...or just a brainless excuse to hear the sound of my own voice.  Either way, I felt I simply must interject, [as opposed to entering Jecht, which would be some sort of FFX/Mind War FanFic that I'm honestly not into reading] and present my thoughts.  So, I am doing that thing what I just said I was going to do.  Without further Adu, the post, verbatim, my comments in whatever you choose to call this colour I'm employing now (for less than minimum wage, but don't tell the Government...)

Battle Report: Eldar VS Blood Angels - 2,000 points


I went and had a game with Justicar Alaric from Dakka Dakka Friday just gone, and yes this time I didn't get pulled by the cops on the way home for speeding lol. Here's the report:

Eldar "The Lost" - 2,000 points 


Farseer - doom, guide & spirit stones

Farseer - guide & runes of warding


5 x Fire Dragons w/ Wave Serpent serpent w/ twin-linked brightlance & shuriken cannon

5 x Fire Dragons w/ Wave Serpent serpent w/ twin-linked shuriken cannon & shuriken cannon

5 x Fire Dragons w/ Wave Serpent serpent w/ twin-linked shuriken cannon & shuriken cannon


10 x Dire Avengers w/ Wave Serpent serpent w/ twin-linked brightlance & shuriken cannon

10 x Dire Avengers w/ Wave Serpent serpent w/ twin-linked brightlance & shuriken cannon

10 x Dire Avengers w/ Wave Serpent serpent w/ twin-linked brightlance & shuriken cannon

6 x Guardian jetbikes - 2 x shuriken cannon

Heavy Support

Fire Prism

Fire Prism

Total: 1992
The Bright Lance on the Dragon Serpent < ShuriCannons on the Prisms, but nothing else really stands out.  Well...I'd much rather have the second Farseer be a FG Autarch, for the +1 to Reserve Rolls.  It's THAT much more flexible, and certainly no worse an addition to a unit.

Blood Angels - 2,000 points


Librarian - terminator armour

Reclusiarch - infernus pistol
Turns out the Libby wasn't actually used - but at this point I was thinking, WTF? You don't need both HQs - in fact, I'm not sure BA really want 2 HQs most of the time.  mostly, it's one, unless you need a second HG unit.  lol

5 x Terminators w/ Land Raider - heavy flamer

2 x Sanguinary Priests - jump packs
We have discussed the Terminators before, but essentially - Shooty Termies in BA walk, Assaulty Termies either walk, go in a Crusader, or Teleport (and walk) - there is no Godhammer.

10 x Death Company w/ Land Raider Crusader - infernus pistol, hand flamer, thunder hammer x2 and power fist - Crusader w/ multi melta
10 x Assault Marines - 2 x meltaguns sgt w/ power fist

10 x Assault Marine - 2 x plasma guns
Ugh.  Well, it's what he has, but the DC are the biggest no-no.  Firstly, DC need Jump Packs, or to be cheap - one or the other.  Popping their Transport kills their mobility, so they need to be quite killy, but cheap enough that you can work around them chasing a Vyper all day, and not actually getting to anything worthwhile.  This isn't easy - because GW doesn't want them used that way.  GW likes stupid unwieldy Deathstars.  Well, we don't want that - so leave it on the cutting room floor, please.  Part of being cheap means NEVER in a Raider - even though, yes, a properly modelled and painted DC Raider would look phenomenal (Lauby, looking at you buddy...)

Fast Attack

5 x Vanguard - thunder hammer
I'm to assume Jump packs too...

Game: Pitched battle & annilation


I won the roll off but let Angels go first. My theory was to let those Land Raiders move into my melta and brightlance range saves me chasing after them or being out of range on my first turn. Angels deployed The Crusader and the meltagun Assault Squad, a building hiding most the Assault Squad from LOS, but I could get at them from another angle. The plasma A.S started on my right flank near the shrine ruin, I could see they was trying to flank down but this probably wasn't the best idea as they have no shield to protect them and with clear LOS for Fire Prisms they wouldn't possibly last long, plus it would take several turns for them to get into range. The Vanguard went into reserve to deep strike in later.
First, great call forcing them to go first - more importantly, to deploy first.  This has several advantages over Blood Angles, only some of which come out against this particular list.

Firstly, all JP-lists fear it, as it means they are either forced to deploy, thus giving up their advantages completely - or they are handing you the advantage they have anyway, as you get that turn to respond to their drops, and to shoot the crap out of them once they cluster up in 'Oh noes, a Blast!' formation.
Against full-Mech BA, you force them to move up at you - this isn't truly that big a deal for them, as that's where they want to be - but it forces them to use Smokes, and gives you a chance of earlier Double-Dice...the main advantage is if you have the mobility to get around a flank of theirs, and thus avoid their main thrust.

When playing Hybrids, it can split their forces into two waves, allowing you to deal with them one at a time.  Divide and conquer - pretty basic, but it bears saying.

Now, Kris.  What you should have done, to prevent Mark doing this so effectively, is put both Raiders right in the middle of the board.  At this stage, it doesn't matter what is right or wrong about your list - what matters is the tools at hand.  The Raiders need to be side by side, ready to go straight at the centre of the table.  The reason they simply MUST be as close to the middle as possible is because they are a pseudo-Dual DeathStar list.  You simply cannot afford to have one or both of these tremendous points sinks exposed and left unable to affect the course of the battle.  To prevent the enemy rolling you entirely by going up one flank, you have to have them anchor your lines.  At this point, I think I would have Reserved everything else, btw.  Keep em guessing.  Or rather, react, then strike decisively - crippling whatever opening you get.  Once you start to hurt the Eldar, it becomes very hard for them to recover.

I deployed with my four brightlance Serpents aiming at the Raiders, two per Raider. I deployed the Fire Dragons around these to use as support. Finally the Fire Prisms to take out Assault Squads from afar and the Jetbikes on the right flank to gun down the Assault Squad from a distance.
Ugh, really?  No, no, no, no, no.  Like I just said (didn't you HEAR? lol) your best bet is to deploy wholly in one quarter, and roll him, because he split his rocks.  From the pic, going up your right is best - it gives the leftmost (from our perspective) Raider furthest to travel.  Also, you want to eliminate the one with the greater ranged capacity first, since they are not identical in this instance.  Since the only thing genuinely vulnerable to the Vanguard is Jetbikes, and Shuricannons aren't exactly awesomesauce against FnP MEQs, they should be Reserved, ready to pounce on the VV (who don't have a Chalice.)

*Tactical Notes

I plan to use the lances on the Land Raiders and pop them both, I'll then flank around and use mass meltaguns from the Fire Dragons and along with infantry support to gun down the Terminators and Death Company. I'll use the Fire Prisms to tackle the Assault Marines and I'll deal with the Vanguard when they come in.   Using those Avengers for anything other than a Vehicle Upgrade is going to cost you - they simply don't cut it against MEQs.  Maybe if they all shoot a Doom'd target, that doesn't get FnP...

Turn 1

Both Raiders move 12" the Crusader shields the meltagun Assault Squad while the plasma Assault Squad flanks down.

Shooting the Crusader fires multi melta at a Wave Serpent it either misses or does no damage I cannot remember which. A single lascannon fires from the Raider but does no damage on a Wave Serpent.
Bad call.  With 3 squads of Dragons in the Eldar list, you either need to Smoke, or not advance directly at them.  At this point, move to minimise the distance between you, and try to correct the deployment error.  Remember - while he VASTLY outguns you, and is more mobile, he can't both outrun you and outgun you the same turn - forcing him to redeploy costs him as much as you - while the RAS continue towards him unabated.  Also - bad Target Priority, assuming LoS - those Prisms are Pen'd on a 3+ by Lascannons - and  to help those Meltas get into range you need them not to be shot by Prisms.

My first turn I move a single Fire Dragon Serpent out and towards the Crusader but still 12" away. I move the unit of Fire Dragons with the dual power Farseer along with the Jetbikes for support to shoot at the plasma Assault Squad. Everything else holds ground.

I fire two brightlances at both Land Raiders but only manage to pop the standard Land Raider. Both Fire Prisms fire at each Assault Squad, the meltagun squad loses three Marines but the other is fine thanks to the Priest.
Using Large Blast? It's AP4 Mark.  So they get wounded on 3, then have a 3+ and a 4+ to ignore.  LOL.  Use the Small Blast.  That said - when you failed to pop the second Raider (not unexpectedly!) you should have twin-linked at the thing with S10 AP1.

I also don't think I would have committed any Dragons yet.  Remember that it's an Assault vehicle and, more importantly, that you are shooting lances at it this turn.  Since it didn't Smoke, giving it free Cover is the LAST thing you need to do.  Unless sure you can get it in Melta range (even AP1, S8 does jack to AV14...) then don't risk it.  Admittedly - with this specific situation - DC in the vehicle - I would have moved to roughly 24" away, and as laterally as possible - to draw it away from the rest of my army, and to give myself more turns to shoot it - or rather - ignore it, and shoot the RAS instead.  I'd be hit on 6's, and one lone Infernus should do nothing [if it even reached!], so if they got out I'd lead them on a merry dance along the backfield.

Kill points are Eldar 1 Angels 0

*Tactical Notes

Well a single Land Raider is down which isn't bad and I've got a Wave Serpent with Fire Dragons in position to take out the other one. I'll disembark the unit of Fire Dragons with the dual power Farseer (though leave hmi inside) and use them to gun down the Terminators now out the exploded Land Raider.

Turn 2

The meltagun Assault Squad uses terrain nicely here using it as a shield from the Fire Prisms and heads towards the Dragon Serpent near the Crusader. The Crusader moves 12" and the Death Co bail out towards the Dragon Serpent which also has the Guide-Seer inside. The plasma gun Assault Squad moves down the board and the Vanguard come in from reserve, the Vanguard scatter onto one of my units and thanks to a nice roll on the deep strike mishap table I place them where ever I want - at the back of the Angels deployment zone! The Terminators advance out of cover towards my lines :D
In my view, Vanguard should usually be placed exactly 7.1" away from the foe.  Means that 90% of Mishaps don't kill them - though they would then lose the ability to charge half of the time.  It's a calculated gamble, and  an innaccurate science.  Others may have a differing view, and maybe theirs is better.  I am open to suggestions.  The Terminators should have had a Cyclone for when this happened.  Now it has - even without it - staying in Cover, perhaps wisest.  Try and get you to come in for the kill, hope that he can reach and squish.  FAR from ideal, but they're a far from ideal unit in this type of list.  :(

Shooting the Crusader fires multi melta and immobilises the Wave Serpent near it. The Death Co fire infernus pistols and pop the Guide-Seer Wave Serpent.

In assault the Death Co make mince meat of the Fire Dragons and Guide-Seer killing the entire unit! :(

In my turn the Fire Dragons bail out the immobilised Wave Serpent and move towards the Crusader. I move all my Serpents around and bail out all infantry ready to take aim at the Death Co. I bail out the other Fire Dragons and they move into terrain and lining up the Terminators, their Serpent with the Farseer in turbo boosts towards the Death Co.
Nope.  Bad call.  Speedbump them, while dealing now with the ACTUAL threats.  Kill the Termies, kill the RAS, kill the Raider - in that order.  Termies first as they are a target of opportunity - you won't often get to shot Shooty Termies off the field outside of Cover, so do it now.  lol
Vypers would be ideal to make the DC chase...but sadly, none here.  Given that, you could have used a Serpent, or just ignored them, and focused on the Raider above the RAS...remove their mobility, and they become insignificant.  Just drive away.  lol
Since Doom should have been cast before moving - you should have known this??

I cast doom and guide powers but doom fails, a Dire Avenger unit gets guide though. Fire Dragons pop the Crusader other Fire Dragons fire at the Terminators but fail to kill them all, brightlances from some of the Serpents finish the job off. Death Co get shot by all three Dire Avenger units and a Fire Prism and I only manage to kill 1 after the covers saves.

Points are now Eldar 3: Angels 3

*Tactical Notes

Damn Death Co killed a Serpent, Fire Dragons and Farseer in a single turn and then swallowed a billion shuri catapult shots too! God damn feel no pain! lol. I'm in trouble now as if they make the right assault rolls through cover they can multi assault two Dire Avenger units which will put me in trouble. Hopefully they won't make it...
Also, a little iffy on this.  Did the Serpent blow up?  Model is still there, so a Wreck? In that case, you get out far side, and force Dangerous for every model.  lol

Turn 3

Death Co move out of the Wave Serpent wreckage and take no dangerous terrain wounds, Huh.  Guess that answers that.  Still - very lucky for him to take none on the way in OR out...they move towards my wall of infantry. Meltagun Assault Squad moves to assault the Fire Dragons which wrecked the Crusader while the other unit goes to assault the other Dragons. The Vanguard move down the board and run but still miles away from anything. Dragons in the open are dead.  Repeat until it sinks in.  ;)  Yes Warseer, I'm talking to you here.

Shooting both Fire Dragons get shot up but only lose one Dragon per unit. Death Co fire at my Dire Avengers but only kill 2 models after saves.   He shouldn't have shot the Dragons, with RAS, in case they got to flee.

In assault both Assault Squads charge the Dragons but the Dragons hold dispite only two left per unit. The Death Co fails it's assault move through cover rolling a 1 and 2! Thank the heavens! :)

I spin the Wave Serpent wall around so now facing the Death Co who at not in terrain! No other movement.

I cast doom on the Death Co but this time fail guide, doh! I unleash hell on the Death Co and it takes 60 shuri catapult shots, 15 shuri cannon shots, 2 fire prism blasts and 3 brightlances to put them and the Reclusiarch down! But by george they're dead!
In fairness, I think, being in this situation I would have had to do the same.  However, ideally you would have jumped back in, and gone over a building - though you can't move Flat Out, of course.

In assault the Jetbike squad charges WHY?into the plasma Assault Squad fight, the Fire Dragons are killed though the fight remains on. The other Assault Squad/Dragon fight sees the Dragons slaughtered.

Points are Eldar 5: Angels 5

*Tactical Notes

Well thank fuck those Death Company bastards are dead; damn they're tough shits! Now I'll use Dire Avengers to reinforce the Jetbike squad and this time remember to allocate attacks onto the Priest so they lose feel no pain! I'll use the rest of my guns to kill the remaining Assault Squad and Vanguard.
Had you not needlessly charged, you would have lost one more unit, probably in their turn, and been able to shoot them down in yours.  I suppose it kinda worked out - but I don't think feeding them the Jetbikes was necessary. Then again, what else would they have done?  I really don't know.
Turn 4

The Assault Squad move with their meltas towards the immobilised Wave Serpent hoping to get a easy kill point. Vanguard move down the board more but still away from the fight for another turn.

The Assault Squad wreck the Wave Serpent either in the shooting phase or assault; I think it was assault as I don't remember them firing. In the assault I forget to put attacks on the Priest again and I lose some Jetbikes; luckily they stay in the fight again.

In my turn I move available Wave Serpents towards the Assault Squad ready to gun them down. I run two Avenger squads towards the Jetbike fight while the other unit moves through terrain to spot the Assault Squad which just wrecked my Serpent. A single Fire Prism moves to draw line of sight to the Vanguard.
No point.  Just Tank Shock.  They don't ALL have Melta, after all.  Tank Shock with every available vehicle, and when they break, keep chasing - they auto-fail subsequent tests, and flee another 3d6".  Units broken count as destroyed - it's Turn 4, and you know how much time you have left...or not.  Either way - unless they are Fearless, or can really hurt - Shocking is the way to clean up.  rolling fewer dice = fewer things to go wrong.  :)

Shooting I fire several brightlances, shuri cannons and shuri catapults at the Assault Squad, only three remain inc Priest but they pass morale and hang on. Fire Prism fires and kills 3 Vanguard, a Wave Serpent finishes the job with brightlance and shuri cannon fire killing the remaining of the unit.

In combat both Avengers charge, one unit puts all attacks on the Priest which sees him dead while the Assault Squad starts taking wounds. Combat is a draw.

Points are now Eldar 7: Blood Angels 5

*Tactical Notes

Damn, I was hoping that Assault Squad would be dead or flee. Ah well hopefully they won't do much damage and I can kill them next turn. I'm glad I piled in the Avengers as the fight has turned around a lot more in my favour. Only thing left to do now is kill the Assault Squads and I've won tabling the Angels; lets see.
With the Melta neutralised, ChinCannons would have allowed the Prisms to advance and add more firepower without fear.
Turn 5

The battered Assault Squad moves towards my Eldar and assaults the Farseer Serpent scoring a weapon destroyed and crew shaken result with a power fist.
In my turn I cast doom and guide on the Assault Squad and a Avenger unit locked in combat; doesn't say you can't....I gun down the remaining Assault Squad but fail to do the job on the one locked in combat leaving 3 Marines remaining. 

Hrmm.  I'm pretty sure you can't use Doom/Guide out of a Shaken vehicle - and I doubt you disembarked.  Oh well, had no impact.

At this point we call it a day as Blood Angels have only 3 Space Marines left while I've got 2/3 of my army kicking around. Win for the Eldar with a total of 10 points to 6.
See NOW, Internet, why it doesn't matter how many KPs a Mech force has to give up when it comes up against a list designed to minimise KP bleed?  There is nothing wrong with knowing how many KP are in your list, and not adding to it where it doesn't hurt the army - but don';t worry about it, as it will cripple your ability to command decisively - oh, and to field a competitive list.  Usain Bolt doesn't start 20m behind the others, so don;t cripple YOUR self, either.  Grats on the win Mark.


Interesting battle for the Eldar as I was planning on selling them, still not decided. Anyway, change of subject. I thought this time Justicar's list was a lot better. Priests make Assault Squads really durable and Death Co are still a pain in the ass but a Land Raider on the table is better than a deep striking one ;) . A few mistakes by Justicar however, with all those Fire Dragons and brightlances he should have popped smoke the first turn with his Land Raiders which would help him a great deal. By doing this he could have got the Terminator squad in range and use them and the Crusader could have mauled infantry. Also sometimes he doesn't shoot before assaulting, do you do this intentionally Kris? I did point out that Death Co should fire infernus at the Wave Serpent, which was a benefit for Kris (Justicar) as they wrecked the Serpent and killed the squad inside so they got 3 kill points instead of 1 as he was just going to assault the Wave Serpent.

Though a few mistakes myself too. I forgot to allocate some of my attacks on a Priest in combat twice, if I would have done this those Assault Marines would have done without FnP for two turns. I guess I should have also bailed out the Fire Dragons I moved first turn, after all I moved them for backup. Sure they would have died but the Land Raider would be destroyed and the Death Co would be baited one way or another to attack those Fire Dragons which would allow me to shoot them to death sooner. Ah well.  Well, that might have worked - but I disagree, as I said above.  :)  Otherwise, excellent post-game analysis, and one of the reasons I rate your blog so highly.  Few members of the Community are as in-depth with BatReps, and provide such a good analysis afterwards.  Makes them a far better read.  Mine are just dodgy photos with turns missing and sweeping generalisations.  lol

Hope this was enjoyable, and no-one gets offended.  I have tried to be blunt and matter-of-fact, but not harsh or overly critical.  If you feel anything is underdeveloped, please, let me know.  Sometimes I make assumptions on the part of the reader, which is arguably bad writing.  :)
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